Open Canvas Banzai~~

i would be in KL right now if my sis hasn't postponed the trip to Bangkok :) yep~ i'm going to Bangkok for traveling on the 19th January, until the 26th! but i'll be staying in KL for a week first b4 going to Bangkok. yay~! cant wait to go The Curve that area and of coz, Borders again~!!! :D and i'm gona shop till i die in Bangkok.. hiakhiakhiakhiak~ :3

i'm feeling absolutely pleased right now XD couldnt help but feel happy after seeing how much my skills have improved :D before this i have never dreamed of doing such good CG work. well. i know i'm still not as great as the digital artists out there (still got a looooooooong way there), but heck, at least i know that i have potential also :D and i am improving :D

i tell you, this is the CLEANEST line + CG art i have ever done. did it 2 days ago.

a Natsume and Ruka fanart i did yesterday :p when halfway colouring Natsume i kept thinking at how gorgeous he looks so in the end i couldnt resist anymore and cropped him out of the pic :p

there~ Hyuuga Natsume alone XD damn the eyes~ *i recommend u to full view it*

and this. you MUST full view!!! :D

i know it's not that great comparing to others but waaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~ first time CG this kind of art (as in got lighting and shadows one) and uuuwaaaaah~~ i love it XD did it this afternoon :p and i coloured everything in just one layer :D from the darker shades to the lighter shades! first time trying this method also! and i had used quite alot of brushes as you can see :p the magic trails la~ the lace la~ the dangling chains la~ brushes i got from the internet.


now i really got the spirit to continue drawing this kind of art liaw!

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