pffft. never trust advertlets again. WTF THEY HIJACKED MY SITE SINCE LAST NIGHT!!!

i was shocked when my blog was redirected to somewhere else. some site calld Adbaaz.

this was taken from Ah Kiam's blog. KIAM!!! ur blog kena hijacked too!!

at first i thought it was nth, thought that it only happens with my browser. but when Hilary told me that he got redirected also, we smell sth fishy.

just now after i woke up, i quickly checked my blog again and f**k! got redirected within seconds again! grrrr.... and i looked up in the internet about this Adbaaz sucker and found this.

click to read =____=

so.. it was an advertlets doing after all. i'm really annoyed with it (i'm not at the level 'pissed', yet, unless they start hijack my blog again thn i'll go bersek). no doubt that bloggers who has advertlets ads in their site sure kena one. n last time ppl still tell me it's good to have advertlets or any other ads in your blog n etc. those are just spams inside one's blog =__=

from now on i'll just spam my side bar with Toma pics. no, i'm joking.

just, bloggers who have advertlets links, remove them immediately.


liyiesther.C said...

Advertlets no money pay bill?

I wonder how would Josh Lim handle the damage control now...

Ai-Ra said...

haha..that stupid ad..
I also kena (suprisingly)..
but same as urs, already buang the link..tak guna punya adverlets...

eiChi said...

@liyiesther.c: well. i wonder too =__=

@ai-ra: i really what will become of advertlets now after this incident XD