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*deep breath*

i'm packing my stuff. feeling hungry. my CPU is gonna detach itself from the monitor screen and stuff itself inside a box soon. so i have to update my blog quickly b4 my dad comes up and do the thing.

so i cant really blog about my Chinese New Year. but i can assure you that, i had a very happy CNY :D first, parents and relatives gave me lots of ang pow, seeing that i'm going to KL to study. second, i really love my friends :D the 5J (2006) gang came to visit my house on the 2nd day of CNY and they stayed at my house for 3 hours O.O''' thn the following 2 days i went out with Ruth, Terrence, Aylwin, Ee Hung and Milton to go house visiting. my Limkokwing friends came also on the 3rd day night. thn on the 7th day of CNY, a group of 13 SAMS (Swinburne Anime Society) invaded my house for about 1 hour ++ and Melvin finished off my acca XD lol. it was fun :p oh, and thirdly, i get to see a lion dance performance at my aunty's house :p

ok. i think i have packed everything i need... some of the things i have to buy them when i reach KL. oh btw, i'm gonna live at Desaria Condo. located in Cyberjaya. so if u guys go to KL, just visit me la XD hehe.

k~! gotta stop here. now have to pack my CPU. and i wont be online for a few days. so.. tatta~~ :D


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