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i'm still well alive~! :D

ok. suddenly duno what to write. erm.. my hostel isnt that bad XD it's clean and big and most of the basic furniture are well provided. i took picture of my room (plus my working area) using my phone but havent upload it into my com yet. btw, i'm at my sis's office now. that's why i can blog now XD the management of the hostel doesnt allow students to apply streamyx there (kuso!!!!) and only provide us with what 'sky sth' line. RM 65 a month for only 512 kb =_= well, i have no choice thn. i need internet to SURVIVE~!!!!

anyway. hereby i'd like to thank my sister, her bf a.k.a my future brother-in-law, and my cousins for helping me to purchase things and helped to move them to my hostel. esp my sis and her bf, BK koko. they had bought me lots and lots of things (even some of the things are solely for home deco use). so.. basically i have everything i need... except for some art materials XD

oh ya, went to the campus to register on Monday. ad wa wa wa wa wa. i see many blacks ( in terms of emvironment and also.. the people) Kuching's LICT is nothing if compared to Cyberjaya one. even the students registering are freaking 100 times more thn the Kuching's one. O.O''' being the evil me, i had to squeeze myself in between the lines (in short, cut lines la..) to get my registration done. if i waited slowly and patiently like the others did, i think it'd take about 2 or 3 hours to get everything done. serious, no kidding. one of my friends waited for like 2 hours. well, my housemates followed my evil technique so we all finished the registration process fast XD

living at the hostel is not that bad. i mean, the hostel that LUCT provides shops like convenient store, laundry, kopitiam, hardware store, pc store, stationery+art shop, gift shop, cyber cafe, salon, gym, swimming pool, basketball court and etc :D i'm thinking of maybe i can go to the gym to work out when i'm free :D but ne, most of the time the basketball court and swimming pool are occupied by blacks and students from other country, esp at night. well, this is a good thing too coz it wont be too quiet and creepy at that time.

maybe u're wondering how did i spend my first 5 days at the hostel without any internet :3 ok, so here's the list of basically i did everyday.

- play pc games ( got them from my housemates)
- watch anime (most of the time i watch together with my frens)
- draw + open canvas
- wash clothes
- clean the room
- crap with frens
- invade my neighbour's room XD
- eat and sleep
- go IOI or Puchong TESCO (got bus to go there every night)

lol. the list will change when classes start on next Monday :p

since i skip the orientations, i came down to PJ and stay with my sis first XD mahahahahaha and guess what? tada~~~~~~~~~~~~


i duno what comes into sis's mind when she suddenly sed she wana go to the concert, thn drag me and my cousin along XD my sis sponsored my ticket, RM 168 (at the rock zone, no seats) . so, YAY!!!!!! first time going to a concert!!! and it's Jay Chou's too!!!! :D :D :D cant wait for tomolo :3 too bad they dont allow us to bring any cam or camcorder inside the stadium..so i wont be taking any pictures of the concert :0

ok ok. gotta get back to work. have i mentioned that i'm helping my sis? she sed if i do well she'll get me a Bamboo tablet :3 but i'd rather to buy it myself, more shiok~ XD

oklah, till then :)

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Timothy said...

Hey~! Now in Cyberjaya eh?

The reason your hostel doesn't allow you to install Streamyx is because, and I'm not making this up, you can't get Streamyx in Cyberjaya.

Like everything Malaysian, that sounds daft. But its true. A place like Cyberjaya, in the so-called MSC, cant get your run of the mill ADSL streamyx.

I could rant and rave on how this happened, but I think I'll make my leave before something happens.