:D missing me? bahahahahahaha~ *bangs head on the screen*

nyaaaa~~ i finally applied a wireless internet connection for my pc~~~ and the connection speed sucks =_= well yea, nth to be surprised of. and for the next 9 months i'll have to live with this snail internet speed (54 mbps for ur info) to do my projects. T______T now i miss my streamyx at home .

anyway, got my PC reformatted last week. and OMIGOSH i was in real great shock (try to imagine a pale chibi eiChi with her soul flying out from her mouth) when my friend discovered a COLONY of Trojan virus/worm (i duno which one izit) nested in my C drive for nearly 7 months. even the system 32 of my C drive was affected. in short, i only knew that my PC was in near dying mode last Tuesday, and i was totally shocked for that whole night. oh my PC, plz forgive me for not taking care of you properly... i promise i wont simply go download weird things again from the internet. and i shall watch the animes in Youtube!!!

ok. so here's the promised photo of my room :D

err.. hehe. yea, that's my corner. i'm sharing my master bedroom with my friend, wieni, and she takes the other side of the room. :p see my 2 rabbits and my Natsume? XD the pink rabbit is called Ichigo and the yellow one is Jamu.

my desktop and my 'desktop a.k.a my working place. mahahaha XD oh, notice the book at the corner of my desk? that's KIDCHAN's artbook! nyaaaaa~~ Brennan helped me to bought it when he was down in Melaka visiting the GACC anime convention :p oh yea~~ i'm so happy to have that book coz Kidchan is my idol, my sensei in conceptual art. all her illustration is my inspirations :) i salute her!

well, i have nothing to complain about my room XD it's big, it's comfy, nice sunlight during the day, got great views too when u look from the window (forgot to take picture of the view, sometimes u can even see couples 'making out' in the pool or ladies in bikinis XD or rare hot boys playing basketball at the court :p), got big bathroom, and is very very cold at night and in the early morning. so there's no need for us to switch on the aircon unless it's in the late afternoon.

i usually go down to PJ to stay with my sister during weekends. either to help her with her work or i just go down for fun XD last Saturday went for a karaoke session/birthday party with my sis , her friends, meiyi and of coz the birthday girl - my cousin~ :D

yay~! she's 2X starting from 5th of March. we celebrated her birthday early. lol

i had fun on that day :D i mean, i didnt sing any karaoke after i left Kuching :p tried to sing some new songs that day. hehe, my cousin is cute la. she don dare to sing along so i always sing the songs along with her XD we make a good pair. lol

ok. now i wana shout to the world that, JAY CHOU'S CONCERT WAS AWESOME!!!!! :D there's nothing compared to being there and feel the atmosphere. it was truly unbelievable! i was still in a shock state after the concert was finished. the whole stadium was packed with thousands of people and we shouted for encore for 3 times. hehe, i'm kinda lazy to blog about it now. u can go to my cousin's friend's blog to read a detailed post on the concert XD she blog about it the next day of the concert, and she has clear photos too :) here's her link just look for a post entitled "Jay Chou Malaysia Concert 2008". oh man, i miss that night. his songs, his performance, the stage, the graphics, the atmosphere, nyaaaa~~~~~ superb!!!! next time i'm goin to his concert again for sure *winks*

aah.. time to do some research for my assignments. lol! got homework oledy, so bai bai la~ :)

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