Rayman Raving Kuros

i'm having a blogger-blocked recently. don't know what to write about. or do you guys wanna hear about my classes?

classes started 2 weeks ago (as you all have known) and we did nothing but just introducing ourselves to the lecturer again and again, plus reading the module outlines. and last week, some assignments were given while some classes were still in the teaching basis, teaching the basics functions and feature of Photoshop and Illustrator.... ooww....

i have 6 classes to attend every week. Monday - Drawing. Tuesday - Digital Imaging. Wednesday - Typography Design, Design Studies. Thursday - English. and Friday - History of Multimedia. luckily it's not history of art anymore, or i would really die of boredom. but i should say, History of Multimedia is kinda fun XD guess what's the final assignment for this module? it's to imagine what could happen in a future multimedia device based on current technology, and then you have to give a presentation on your 'creation'. :D

the final assignment for Drawing is also very challenging too. the task is to prepare a visual journal based on an animated film (just pretend that you are a producer and gonna produce your own animation). the journal must contain the different stages of all development process eg. story synopsis, creating characters, props, gadgets, environments and all others required objects to visualize the story. the whole journal will be considered as a complete pre-production package for an animation production. cool right? Mr Aloysius (my lecturer) actually wants us to start thinking about our story already, and i had mine done :) Hilary helped me too. he wrote a short kick-ass chick story for me. really thanks alot, Hil-chan XD however, i just cant use his entire story for this assignment, i mean. i shouldnt be getting help in the first place, it's my assignment after all. so i blend his concept of the story into mine (which helps alot). well, i cant tell you guys about my story now, but all i can say is, it's a rojak of Appleseed + Scarlet Creation (my comic last year, remember?) + Vexille + Tsubasa Chronicles + a fiction called 'Timeline'. lol...

the internet line here is pretty bad these few days. i get disconnected often. need to wait for a while b4 i can surf the internet to do my research. aaargh.. bad Mykris... why cant Desaria offer Streamyx for students?

talking about Desaria, the hostel i live in. sth 'unexplainable' happened a few nights ago. i think it happened on Tuesday night, or Wednesday, cant remember. anyways, on 12 a.m sharp, all the Kuros were like, got hysteria or sth, and started to shout and scream as if celebrating something. and some even 'wolf-whistling'...the whole condo suddenly transformed into a jungle with weird baboons fooling around. thn the Kuros who live at upper floors of the condo started throwing things down from their balcony. things like trash, cushion, plastic bottles, glass bottles, and etc. . and then some even played with fires. tsk tsk tsk... if you're wondering where the hell were the guards. well.. the guards did come to scold and warn them, but that only 'excite' them more. weird people, really.

yes, i live in a really 'peaceful' hostel with lots of unexpected but interesting things happening around. all the best to me, folks XD

oh btw, do u like my new blogger banner? XD


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