Konata desu

weee~ it's public holiday~! and i don't even know the exact reason for this special holiday~ heard is duno who's birthday =3= i'm sucks at politics. great. i want to make my birthday a holiday too.

i should be happy coz classes today are canceled, but NO~! i'd rather to have them today than going back to campus on Saturday for replacement class! *groans* my actual plan was to go down to PJ to meet my mum (yes, my parents came over last week) on Friday afternoon, and stay at my sis's place until Sunday. but now? *groans again* i've to rush back to hostel by 1pm and quickly get on the bus to town on Saturday. and do you know how long do i have to ride the bus from my place to KL Central? 2 hours O.O''' by the time i reach there, my precious half day would be gone..... *groans more*

feeling so annoyed right now =3= really, coz another plan just ruined, again. i wanted so much to go to GSC in IOI Mall to watch Spiderwick's Chronicle but i just knew that the hostel doesn't provide buses that go to IOI Mall on public holidays!!!!! O.O'''' *pulls hair* i rushed my assignments last night and this morning just to have time for myself to go watch movie without feeling any guilt, and now? aaaah~~~ *souls floating out from body* oh i'm so gonna blame the birthday dude =_=

ok. time to update about my campus life. nothing really special actually, unless you counted the fight among the blacks that occurred yesterday during lunch time. i wasn't there to witness but i got the news from my friend, and he told me that got several injured. well, i'm not surprised, just plain amused. classes are still the same. and assignments are really starting to pour in. we have even started some of our final projects now. the only thing that i wana rant about is my English teacher. ok, she's a Malay, she likes to glare at latecomers, and she constantly speaks Malay during class O.O''' last week me and Fion caught her saying 'ataupun', thn quickly followed by an 'or' and continued her sentence. oh dear, when can i have a real proper English class? i don't want Manglish eh...

oh btw, if you wonder how does the campus looks like, i'll tell you. it's Black *duh*, got 6 blocks of buildings with a huge courtyard in between the first 2, a cafeteria which always lack of forks to use, a gym named after a fly and it's called Fitofly, a hair salon which also serves as a training studio for those who study hair design, a convenient store opened by one of Naruto characters (the store name is 10Ten), and oh, Wings Coffee, which i almost forgot mention :D lol... and yea, the campus also got alot n alot of corridors with black walls...imagine that. sometimes you could even get lost in one of them. serious, coz i almost did, once, when i was looking for my classroom O.o''' luckily the lecturer changed the classroom after the first week, coz she also got lost! LOL

so my parents come over for a week (well, only my mum stays for a week. my dad went back first a few days ago). the first thing that my parents said to me when i fetch them from the airport was, *dad: so how?* thn he patted my back, *mum: become thin oledy leh* thn she laughed at me. oh dear, only by then i just realized that my stomach has become flat =_= anyways, so it's really great to see my parents again, esp with them so well and healthy. both of my aunts were here too. one came back from Dubai and the other from Singapore. so it's like a 'sister reunion' for my mum :D

my mum, small aunt and 3rd aunt. the 4th aunt is in Kuching while the 2nd aunt is at Aussie :)

yay~! aunts and mum n sis and ah ching and me~! :D still recognize me?

we took my parents to places like Pavilion and other shopping malls. i only spent a day shopping with them at Pavilion coz i'm only free on weekend. wont go detail on the shopping spree, but i would like to share with you guys about my papa's fish spa experience :p

mahahahahaha! ok, i was feeling abit sarcastic and bored when i did the video. lol. fishy~!!!

lol..my papa XD

trust me, i would cry and then fainted if my legs are under the water and surrounded by those fishy. O.O''' i would scream and call for help and cling onto someone near me for dear life. my sis admitted too. seems like the fear for fishy is in the blood =_=

okla, my left hand is sore from typing (dont forget that my left hand is shorter, i have to lift my entire left arm up for typing =_=) gotta rest and dig out some anime to watch. shite, i wana go watch movie X.X

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