meditation XD

dear folks,

u know, there are still so many things for me to learn in this field. i really call myself noob this time. and i'm kinda tired of myself for having high expectations in my every assignments everytime. really tired =_=

i still have the strong passion for this field. i like doing everything they teach here. i still want so so so much to become one of the best in the world (it's not wrong to have big dreams, right?). but then, right now, i want to stop for awhile, and look around, look at the others. i'm still new in these field. until i have mastered everything, every elements, then i'll proclaim to the world again that i am the best :)

so at the mean time, i want to sit back, relax, and enjoy my course.

i promise i wont disappoint you guys :D


Anonymous said...

Hello dear,

I do not know how should i call you.So i may stick to DEAR. is it ok?
Anyway, it if my friend who found your blog and just today after a whole complete busy week now i am totally exhausted, yet for me to spend time reading your blog really make me refresh again. hehehe.. my friend say she read your blog and found that we had a bit in common which is, ya "TOMBOY" issues. well to me it not a problem cause as long as you live happily with your life that enough ya. hehe ... after reading bit of what u had wrote on your blog actually there is a big difference between us. well you are a perfect designer. as for me i am more into science stuff. i enjoy explore scientific stuff. IF to say about multimedia stuff, i do have a huge interest in it too but the problem is that i do not have the skill and it is not in my blood to be so artistic. Hehehe..i do wrote blog in blogspot last time but not now anymore well... if i tell out the reason it might seem like an excuse. so i decide not to say. anyway nice to know you.

eiChi said...

Hi anonymous :) thanks for dropping by. hehe...glad that you find my blog interesting to read. anyways, you can always just call me eiChi, i'm ok with that :D i wonder who might be your friend. help me to say thanks to him/her for reading my blog XD

by the way, that's really cool of you to enjoy exploring scientific stuff! i used to like it to but found it very difficult for me to understand...hehe... i guess design and multimedia stuff really does suit me better.

anyway, all the best to you and it's great knowing you too! :D