aloha~! Happy April's Fool!!! i wonder if you'll believe anything that i type next :p

lol... ok. i think i'm one of the victims of Chain, my 'lovely wife'. he sent msg to me tellin me that he wants to quit LICT and go to Curtin. well, i didnt know today is already the first of April (i didnt check calender, ok?) so i believed him and bah~ he replied with an evil laugh follow by a 'stupiak'. =_= oh well.... it's been a while since i've been kacau-ed back by him.

anyway. today is kinda.. 'eventful' for me. you know how tired it is to apply the PTPTN loan? it's really troublesome. i'm lazy to describe how tedious it is. just ask those around you who applied it. trust me, its friggin TEDIOUS!!! i went to 2 secondary schools, 2 big police station, then the KASTAM just to get my documents certified, this morning until afternoon, by taxi, on my own O.O''' (bcoz sis got meeting to attend) aaaaaah~~~ in the end my conclusion is that, money doesnt come easily and that KASTAM people are the real warm-blooded people around :3 details are to be left untold, because you'll never know who is reading this and then sue me. lol. please don't sue me, i still want to blog. haha.

oh, i just got my hair trimmed. hehehe. no new hairstyle la, just cut it shorter and the stylist changed my hair partings. last time was from the right. now its from the left. looks fresher and er.. nicer? i want handsome guys like Natsume to fall for me~~~ lol~~ seriously, if there's any Natsume in real life, i would sure throw away my tomboy character and go gaga over him. but meh~ it's just anime. anime~!!! i still know how to differentiate between reality and fantasy XD anyway, i like my hair :3

i'm actually writing this at my sis's office. the MyKris at my hostel sucks. how many times have i said this? oh well, the MyKris just sucks, at times. =_= couldnt online properly for the past few days. aargh~ couldnt do any research unless going to the Cyber Cafe there (which also kinda bad coz cannot play my Maple and RO, aiks). aaaaaahhh *continue to screams*

these few nights keep watching Detective School Q, TV drama version, not the anime ( i dislike the character design in the anime) and woah~~ it's so nice :D i like the kids acting inside and the plot is.. wooooah~~ thrilling and exciting!! weee~~ and blood~~ the corpses~~~ :D i'm a saddist! there are 11 episodes and now i only watched until episode 7. tonight wana continue it. lol! thanks to Fion who threw me the CDs when i told her i was bored because of the stupiak internet line :p

ok. i guess that's all for now. but b4 i go, i would like to share with you my first photo manipulation!! :D did it for an assignment. lol! first assignment for Digital Imaging class XD it's to 'photo-manipulate' our own photo together with other photos we choose to create a birthday party invitation card. and we have to do it like how a movie poster looks like.

i took my inspirations for ChowYunFatt movie "God of Gamble" and also Jay Chou's 2008 World Tour Concert promotional poster :p yay. hope you'll like it! :D

there's no such place as 'London Opera House', is there? O.o'''

i just realized i didnt put any rabbits inside! daaaaaaaaaaaaah~ =_=

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Sjovn L. said...

Oh. PTPTN. I re-submitted my agreement form (because I had to change my bank account number) like November last year, and they STILL have not put in any money into my bank account. I don't want LICT chasing me to pay my fees on my own AGAIN because of PTPTN's delay.

By the way I didn't know there's such a thing as MyKris. MyKris... My Keris..

LOL rabbits. Or should I say rabbids. :P You could've photomaniped some playing electric guitars/DJ-ing under your command. God of Party, indeed! Keep up the great work, Eichi!