The Brilliant Green - Stand by Me

i love this song so so much :) it's the ending theme for Dectective School Q tv drama

作詞: Tomoko Kawase
作曲: Shunsaku Okuda

消えていく 過去への扉
傷ついてもいい それより

can I try?”what should I?” 途切れた声
You’re always on my mind so….

Stand by me
何があるの? Show me stars again いつか

今すぐに 楽になるかな

だけど いつか壊してしまう
触れたら きっと 戻れない So….

Stand by me
諦めと願いの 扉の前
動けない ずっと
叶うのなら 友達でいいから

想うだけで 愛しくて
Stand by me
Stand by me yeah, baby

So stand by me
(So, stand by me, Oh )
yeah baby stand by me
(You’re always on my mind)
歩き出せる きっと
見つけたいの あなたとSo…
Stand by me

*Bonus Translation
A long day ends
and disappears towards the door to the past
From it may be hurt, but
I want to see myself to be different

Can I try? “What Should I?”
The voice has been interrupted
The thinking that sleeps inside the box of memory
You’re always on my mind so…

So stand by me
Into the rusting world What else left there?
Show me star again, Someday
The invisible glitter,
Because of you that make me aware

If by peeping people’s inner heart
that can make me happy instantly
A thing that is not belongs to anyone else
although it is just a selfish wish

but, someday it will destroys
By touching the box of glass
There is no turning back for sure So..

Stand by me
In front of the door of the resignation and the wish
Standing firm for a long time
Because it is good to come true with a friend
Becoming a special of myself

To be able to cry for someone
I still don’t understand
Only by memories, love and sad
stand by me
stand by me yeah, baby

So stand by me
(So stand by me Oh)
yeah baby, stand by me
(You’re always on my mind)
If the invisible glitter is still there,
By walking, certainly
I wish to find it with you So..
stand by me

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Am@n3 said...

I like this song too!
The ending and starting track for this drama is NICE!!!!

Ahem.. i watched Dectective School Q too... together with Yukan Club when i was watching Dectective School Q...

Next time got wat drama you want to watch tell me lah! Heheheh!

Honey and Clover is with your sis (in the office) bug her for it ya!
But i dont have the soundtrack found on the net.. cuz i'm so bad in finding soundtrack.. -____-" if you got give me ya! hehe!