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hai hai~ minna-san! genki desu ka? :D

please forgive me for not updating my blog so usual anymore like i used to last time, coz of the bad internet line and of coz.. the assignments =_= starting from next week, i will have 4 final assignments to complete within 3 weeks. even though it's only 4, but all these finals require lots of time to do and process. it's not like studying for exam anymore. you can study last minute but for design assignments, you cant!! T_T

i'm going to Times Square tomorrow with my classmates for a class trip. there's an exhibition in IMAX studio and our lecturer wants us to go. gotta wake up very early coz need to catch the earliest Rapid KL. yay~ cant wait for the trip. hope its gonna be fun XD

...i really duno what to blog about now. erm.. i just finished watching Persona Trinity Soul episode 13 in Youtube. well.. at least tonight the internet is kind enough to let me load 4 episodes of anime at the same time. lol! kyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaa~~ i missed out alot of anime oledy!!! O.O''' i'm still waiting for my friend to burn me GundamOO, and they kept telling me spoilers! damn =_= and i'm still looking for anyone who owns Blood+.. or Gurren Lagan. aiyah, just get me any nice + new anime to watch la!

ok! need to go force myself to sleep now. c ya!!

* i think i have serious bloggers block at the moment. gomen :p*

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