:D :D :D

yay! i just broke my own record!!! :D

i first drew this just by using mouse when i was 15. it was done and coloured in Paint.

thn just now, when i got nothing to do at my sis's office, i went to CG Arena and looked at some CG tutorials, and got the sudden urge to try something in Photoshop (these days i just do my artwork in either Open Canvas or Corel Painter). and for 6 hours straight, i completed this one.

*click for full view*

weee~~ only using mouse and Photoshop for everything in the pic! :D waaaa~~~ feel kinda pleased with myself now. lol! at least i achieve something new today!!! and this is my first time to draw and colour a human properly using a mouse!

ok, even though i'm so much in love with my 'mouse controlling' talent, i still wish for a tablet, to do the freaking hair =_= maah~ i shall wait for my birthday and get myself one! :D yosssh!!!!

oh! and i finally bought a 1GB RAM for my pc! yay! now i can do more stuff with my softwares! mahahaha!!!

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