Skip Beat!!!

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*gasp* it's Saturday already!!!! O.O''' i want more holidays!!!! one week holiday is not enough for me to work and play at the same time!!!

i know some of you might think that i'm too workaholic for my own good. my sis actually wanted me stay longer at her place, until the holiday ends, but i insisted of going back to my hostel to do my assignments. =_= ok ok, i admit that i'm really is a workaholic but i do enjoy doing my assignments, so in a way you can say that it's not a torture for me XD

anyways, during this one week holiday. i did play, and being a lazy bum alot :p finally able to watch L Change the World in the middle of the night ( the showing time was 12.30 a.m. and man, i love L's unique style la! Well done to the actor who pulls off the character L so successfully! :D ) ; cuddle myself up with manga and graphic books at a corner of BORDERS for 3 hours ( trust me, i love BORDERS and Times) ; read manga online for 2 days straight without touching any of my assignments =_=, but hey~ i found a great shoujo manga that i love!! it's called Skip Beat, and one of the reasons why i love it is bacause the main male character inside looks like a grown up Natsume!!!! *squeals* ; more fanfictions... more YouTube... and oh, i bought a new t-shirt for myself. from Padini. lol!!

ah, the photo above was taken yesterday, when i was bored and indulging myself with 'Pu Er' tea that my mum bought for me when she came to KL. and that's my pirated forgot-what's-the-brand bear which i bought for only RM 10. and then there's the Mentos Power Gum (i MUST chew on something when i'm doing my work =_= it has become a habit).. and then the stack of papers of my assignments... see my faithful little mouse at the left side? i love it to bits XD it has being with for like ... 4 years?

ok! time to tackle my bed :p only 2 more days are left.. me and my roommate are thinking of playing something .. havent decided yet. aiyah, anything lah, for the whole day tomorrow XD

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