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O.O''' now i do feel abit of regret for not taking PBSM seriously when i was in high school. my roommate sprained her ankle yesterday and i didn't know what to do . all i know is that she must lay still and i must help her to massage the sprain part. common sense right? but when she cried in pain, i seriously, didnt know how to help her T_T thank God that my other house mates know what to do, and i eagerly learned a thing or two from them. so today my roommate went to see the doctor and now she's sleeping soundly on the bed. hope she'll get well soon :)

feeling abit relax right now :D coz i have done most of my assignments and yeah~~~ tonight i can watch anime~~~ finally got Gundam00 from my friend, after 3 weeks =_= speaking of friends, here's a group photo of my class :D ( well.. not the whole class.. coz some of them didnt went to the class trip)

2nd row left to right : Dylon, Kee Ming, Ah Long, Amar, Abdullah, Sameetha (i think tat's the way to spell it O.o'''), and William ( i think tat's his name... lol! only met him a few times in classes. lol)
1st row left to right : me, Ms Leila (our program leader), Fion, Grace, Jet, and a girl whom i duno is who (she's not in our class.. but then i think she's gf of the guy at the back :p)

btw, i finally went to Neway to sing karaoke with my house mates last Sunday~! muahahaha~! we went to the Times Square one. all 3 of us (me, Wienie and Vicky) felt like spending money and a totally assignment-free day, so.. nyahahahaah~! it felt so good to sing with a mic again! XD

ok. im damn hungry now. gotta go down to the food court to get some food. i'd been eating magee mee and biscuit for the past 2 days..just to save money after the karaoke session. lol....


time to show 'on'~!! :D (well.. not really, i'm just feel happy of what i created and would like to share them with u guys :p)

Birth of the Little Demon
because of a deep hatred, the innocent little boy grows to become a demon.

"Dad, my demon has awaken..."
1 whole afternoon
tools: mechanical pencil + mouse + Open Canvas + Photoshop CS2 + Photoshop brushes

tada~~ finally a new anime-looking CG artwork after a long time~ :D i drew the sketch when i was tired of doing my assignments on Monday morning, around 2.00 a.m... hehe. thn colored it yesterday after i decided to use it as one of the pictures in my magazine assignment. ok, brief on the mag assignment. we are required to do a 8 pages magazine (including the front n back cover) with any topics u like. well, i'm doing a magazine for my boring hostel, oh how good of me XD so there's a section where students can submit their artwork to be published on the magazine. and im gona put this there. hehe :p

and here is my Digital Imaging assignment. where we were asked to choose any 4 words/phrases and make them into a movie title using Photoshop.

and if you have noticed, i took all my 'movie titles' from songs' names :D Soldier's Poem is from Muse; Demon Days from Gorillaz; Electric Circus from FLOW; while Water Forest is from some movie soundtrack... i forgot the movie's name =_= gona submit this tomolo, wish me luck :D

and here is another assignment for Design Studies. :) using typefaces and layouts to create a press advertisement. and the lecturer wanted it in black and white. the content and the picture was given out by the lecturer.

yay~! how izit? if possible i would like some critiques :D thanks~!!! btw, i just submitted this today, and again, hope the lecturer likes it :)

ok! really damn hungry now. gotta eat ! ja ne!


stiucsib86 said...

Wow, cool. Your digital drawings getting more and more impressive!
totally amazed!

jia you! I'm sure your lecturer will like em!

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