Bomb tiok!

Hi people, sorry for not updating anything lately. was busy doing my finals, esp the magazine one.. urgh... =_=

and you know what? this month is a 'money-eating-month' for me. i'd spent RM 60++ to print the mock up of my magazine ( i reprint twice. 1st try got the wrong resolution. 2nd try, the printing shop in Desaria is just not good). RM 50++ for food (not even half of the month yet). RM 100+ for materials and design magazine. and i was dragged out from my hostel in the middle of the night to spend another RM50 at Neway Karaoke. well.. i can explain the last one. you see, i got a friend (also my roommate's classmate) who stayed overnight at my place for a few nights. her birthday was on the 11th (Sunday) if i'm not mistaken. and on Saturday night, another friend called up my roommate to bring teh birthday girl out for 'yam cha', to celebrate her birthday. so all 3 of us just wore normal simple clothes with slippers and went out with the rest of their friends. and oh my... if only i knew that they are going to celebrate my friend's birthday at Neway... =_= and we sang until 4 a.m. lol! first time karaoke-ing until so 'early'!!!

meh, one of my lecturers does not have the qualifications to BE a lecturer =_= she's just a mere tutor actually, but acts as if she's the boss. it's ok if she critics and says we are weak during the class. but it's definitely a shameful and coward thing to do if she simply mock and 'downgrade' us in other places, like inside Lowyat forum. well, she did both of them. and i tell u i was extremely pissed off by her attitude, which only knows how to complain to defend herself. coward. as a lecturer one should protect his/her students, and he/she SHOULD guide and teach the students if the students are poor in the subject, not telling everyone that they are weak and its their problem. really, my housemate stumbled upon her 'website' and showed it to me, and holy cow.. it sux. and the lecturer even dare to mention that she's a Creative Director! oh please~~~ if she's that great thn why is she still a tutor? if she's so fantastic than why does she still have time to chat around in a forum? and it's Lowyat some more.. pathetic. period.

enough about that. she'll get her karma someday. anyways, I've finally got the first 6 episodes of Code Geass from my class mate!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!! and omigosh~!!! *stands straight* i salute the script writer of Code Geass for writing such marvelously evil and unpredictable script. serious. i was speechless after watching all 6 episodes at one go. cant wait for the next one. arrgh! Lelouch!!! dont get Suzaku gets you!! although i must admit that Suzaku has changed for the better in this episode. yay~ no more goody boy XD

ok. time to show some of my work.

ladies and gentleman~ let me present you *drums roll*~~ The Papers~!!!! a crappy hostel lifestyle magazine done by me. for my Typography final assignment (we were required to do a 8 pages spread magazine with any topics you want. n i chose a lifestyle magazine for hostel students)

*click to view it large.. or just go to this page*

here's a brief explanation about my magazine. it's for LimKokWing hostel students....it's existence is to liven up the boring hostel life (man, i'm such a good person) and giving an up-to-date info on what's happening around the hostel. the design concept is sth like a design magazine. but as this is the first issue, the design is more towards campus life :) weee~~~ oh ya, and the placement of the magazine above is like this:

back cover: cover
pg 1 : pg 2
pg 3 : pg 4
pg 5 : pg 6

heeeeeeeee :D enjoy~~

and here's another work i just did this morning. the cover for my HELENE pre-production journal :p lecturer wants us to make our covers like a real production book. so i tried my best to do it like a real one. n here's the result. (the journal is in A3 size)

... ... ... i already tried my best T_T it's my first time using a tablet and Corel Painter IX properly. i need more practice obviously =_=''' speaking of tablet, i tried my friend's Wacom Intuos tablet, and holy shit. O.O'''' it's crazy! the sensitivity of the tip of the pen is like... whoah~! bomb!!! Bamboo tablet feels so noob after you experience the Intuos. no kidding =_= nevertheless, i'm still aiming for the Bamboo, for it's RM800++ cheaper thn a Intuos. Intuos... is just too good and expensive for me =_='''

kk. gotta continue with my other assignments. i'll be FREE after this week! buahahahahahaha~!!! XD

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-Christy- said...

i spot vicky in page 5!! wohooo!!!! hahahaa