HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*sis, i used pink for the background. you know why XD *

Nya~~~~ even though she told me there's no need to give (or draw) her anything, i still draw this for her XD hohoho~ sis, ignore the crappy lines and layout. i did this in a haste. borrowed Brennan's tablet at last minute and did this inside Open Canvas (i used pencil to sketch my sis's face first la) .lol! started at 12 a.m and finished it at 1.30 a.m :p

i really didnt know what to draw at first, so i just choose a picture of her and just draw her face instead *since she always complain that i seldom draw realistic things XD* so, sis, hope you'll like it!!! :D

and sorry that i cant celebrate your birthday with you ~.~ and thanks for everything! YOU R THE BEST!!!


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