I miss my photography :)

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a week have passed. most finals are done. and i noticed that the $ i spend on food is more than usual. omg~ is this some kind of 'holiday-is-coming-celebration' that i'm doing unconsciously? O.o''' or maybe it's just time to have a 'revenge' on those Maggee-mee days XD

tell you what, the mamak stall outside Desaria (about 10 minutes walk) is so good that i go there to eat most of the time. usually at night. sometimes after midnight. there are always a bunch of us that go together-gether xD and i must intro you to the Roti Bomb that sell there. my friend calls it Hydrogen Bomb. lol! coz u'll really feel the bomb whenever you eat it. and i'm addicted to it :D it's either roti bomb or mee mamak for me, with teh ais or ais kosong ( they wont understand if u ask for teh c peng or air kosong) lol~!

my roommate Wie Nie is still rushing her never-ending assignments. yes, you can say that my course is so much easier thn hers Professional Design. because you know why? everything we do is on screen while theirs are on paper. they need more labour work :p and this time one of her assignments is to design a self-promo CD using their chosen theme. Wie Nie chose 'urban' as her theme, and asked me to be her photographer at first (they have to take photos of themselves to put inside the CD booklet), but i wasn't so confident with my fashion photography skill so i told her to ask Brennan instead. and so, yesterday all 3 of us went out to the city to take her photos :)

it was one hell tiring day. we went to Serdang KTM, thn Mid Valley and The Gardens..thn KL Sentral, and thn Sungei Wang. i didnt take much photos. i was just like the assistant, helping them to take their stuff while shooting XD but somehow, i managed to snap some interesting photo also XD like the one above. wheeeeee~~ guess where that is? :p it's the free car park beside Sungei Wang. great graffiti right? :D Brennan found the place when we were on the Monorail heading towards Sungei Wang :D

ok. i just love to take their random shots XD muahahahahha~! look at Wie Nie's hair~~~~ XD i cant even see her face anymore :p btw, this was in between Mid Valley and The Gardens :D more random shots of WieNie xD

*all outside The Gardens. except for the first one. tat is the KTM subway of KL Sentral. the guard came and chase us away after tat. lol!*
ok. the reason why we were heading off to Sungei Wang because there's a GUNPLA competition there. Brennan was so high when he saw all the competing Gunplas exhibit there :D eg.

gunpla 2
and aaaah~~ BLACK EXIA!!

sorry for the blur-ness. but heck~! black one! shuai!!!!!
entrance of the.. erm.. convention :D

blur again. maha..

actually still got more pictures of diff Gundams, but i'm lazy to post them up. and u know what? i purchased a Giroro Robo there~!!! :D for just RM 18 only~ :D :D

LOOK~!!! GIROROOOOO~~~ :p although i didn watch any Keroro series, but this one is cute! :D and u know what? the small shopping bag they gave us got pink HALO on it~!! :D

uwaaah~~ Halo~~~~

ok ok. i think this is enough for now XD btw, i'd finished assembling my Giroro Robo :p while post it up after i take photos of it XD



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Anonymous said...

Hey, hey ei chi!! Oh my gosh! I miss you guys! And IS THAT BRENNAN? Lol! His hair got longer! Wawawawa... XD XD XD

Awww... I miss you guys so much, please do come back! T___T