:D things i want to tell to the world (at the moment)


finally, HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ME AND ALL MY COURSE MATES!!!! classes have officially ended today. had English exam this morning, and man, my hand is still abit numb from all the writing =_= i forgot how to write with a pen properly.

this is my 400th post btw. i know it's nothing to be boast about, but heck, i have written this many posts oledy. and soon my blog will be celebrating its 3rd anniversary XD

I FINALLY OWN A WHITE HEADPHONE~!!! :D sis bought it for me for a reasonable price. i didnt mention this in my blog last time, but i really wanted so much to have a white, big headphone. ok, the one i have now is not big, but its WHITE!! :D *sorry, no photo's taken*

i'm addicted to SDO. Super Dancer Online. you may think that this game is crap, but what to do? SDO is the only online game that is tolerable towards the snail-speed internet i have here. =_= for those who play the game, find me and add me as buddy ya XD my character name inside is Eimiko, currently only level 8. lol.. still noob...

kinda lazy to do any new CG artwork now. lol. i still left some pieces of artwork havent scanned into pc yet, probably tomorrow.. or some other day, when the mood and inspirations is here XD mahahahahahahah~


ok. that's all. Roza, i'll do the tag next time. now i wana play SDO :p hehe

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