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how are yeh my fellow friends and readers? wakakaaka

sorry for the lack of posts lately. i don't blog for a living, that's why...

anyway, learned how to play CS 2 days before. Brennan dragged me to play with them since they are lacked of players. oh well... my conclusion after playing the game is that i'm good at machine guns but suck at sniper... hohoho... ... ...

yare yare, one of my friends is going off to Tokyo this month, and he can attend the 'legendary' Comiket. lucky rich dude. and he promised he'll buy me a chibi Lelouch figurine. lets just hope he remembers this when he gets there. lol.

sis lectured me last night, after i moved out from my hostel to stay at her place first before returning to Kuching. she thinks i'm still sickly addicted to anime and manga like my life depended on them. yare yare.... well, she gives me alot of good advices, seeing that she knows more and experienced the real world. i still got alot to learn, that's the truth. naive as i may seem to her, i believe i can prove to her the other way round. i am seriously learning how to tackle the design world and keep on improving myself. well.. this holiday is the time for me to start sharpening my skills.

but sometimes i'm still confused. should i take my time? or should i step out now? i feel like i still dont have enough confidence to 'step out'. not that when i'm taking this multimedia field. i have to fill myself with multimedia knowledge first before i can say 'freelance'.

say say say say say~ no matter. keep those emo-ish thoughts away. shoo-shooo~ as long as i work hard this holiday, nothing is impossible! way, that's the way of Nike XD

this time, i MUST learn how to do a website for myself.

anyway, Sarawak Laksa, here i come!!!!

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