OMG~! i can finally get online!!! O.O''' i didnt know that we hv to add '@streamyx' at the back of our user name to log in now until i called up the service number a moment ago =_=''' damn.. i could have gone online on Sunday........

anyway, guess what? i actually almost cried when i stepped into my bedroom after i came home from the airport. gosh i missed all my belongings so much!! and oh my, i finally throw my 'sniffing at chao pillow' habit away. i can sleep peacefully without it @.@

ok, nothing new to update anyway. these few days i will be busy figuring out on how to build a website (piaw! i might need ur help on this!!!)... and after creating my own website i'll do my own portfolio and name card, so i can carry them everywhere around me, grabbing work opportunities on the way :D

btw, i'm taking part in the MY FM mascot design competition. heard that almost 500 ppl had already submitted their design... it wont be that easy to win, but i gotta try :)

k, that's all for now. feel so happy right now that i can finally online! yeeeehaa! XD

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