Natsume has already given me enough heat. and now the weather? O.O'''

ok ok. i'm back to my blog. don't blame me for updating late, because the last few days i was busy swallowing up all web design and hosting knowledge i could find on the net(only to realise in the end that i still need a proper tutor to guide me. this time self learning had failed me), and also busy with some other design competitions. well.. even though right now i couldnt have my own website, but i'm using blogspot to host my temporally online portfolio. just a simple one. so another reason for my MIA from this blog is busy preparing my "webbie".

the "webbie" is not yet done. about 40% to go. and don't expect much from it. i'm not a web design expert, in fact, i can say i'm still a "webbie" virgin =_=

but oh well... at least now i know how to function Dreamweaver properly. when i first installed it into my pc, which was i think 2 years ago, i didn't know what to do with it so i just left it there to rot. now since my PC was reformatted, i got to get the installer again. went to Kenyalang with mum the other day and purchased not only Dreamweaver installer, but others as well like Adobe Premier and Flash. all in one CD. but meh... i was so furious when there's problems installing both Premier and Flash. no matter how many times i tried, it's still the same "please insert your Adobe Premier CD so etc etc" coming out on the screen... what's the meaning of that? O.O''' and i thought i could at least learn more about multimedia stuff this holiday! urrgh.....

i blame the hot weather for everything *sulk at a corner* dooms day is coming, whether you like it or not. everyday there must be sth terrible happening around the world. earth quacks, floods, typhoon.. and since when does Malaysia has the scorching hot summer season? i'd never felt such heat before in Kuching, until i came back last week. i scream for ice-cream everyday. =_= they all say our Earth is sick and getting weaker day by day. i think not. our Mother Earth is getting angry at us people and wants to start all over again, that's why it is called dooms day. fell the wrath of the mighty Earth, dude.

my god the hot air is getting into me, making me write such stuff. i think everyone else is affected too. including our dearest government. what's with the ban of foreigners pumping oils in our country? what's with the raising of rice price? thn followed by oil price, egg price, what's next? durian price? i heard that paper too is getting more expensive.. holy... making people suffer especially students like me O.O''' i can;t imagine what would my daily expenses be like next semester in KL. more maggee mee i guess? our dearest government is losing money inside too. this is the first time i heard that nearly every students who applied for PTPTN got rejected for no reason at all. and also the promise of getting the chosen JPA students to study abroad might just be a bluff after all. i heard from one of my friends that some of the JPAss got called back after studying overboard for a few months, with the reason 'not enough fund for them'. oh please pray hard for my JPA scholarship friends. well this isnt the only reason that i feel disappointed with our government. a few weeks back i read about an article about how the government wanted to enforce some laws on secondary school female uniform, esp the baju kurung one. simply with the reason that the baju kurung uniform makes female looks 'sex' appealing and encourage the hormone raging kids (or old dudes) to act beyond their senses, thus resulting in the many rape cases. not only this, in another article, which has also sth to do with this, blames the modern girls/women who eagerly take part in social activities and sports for all the rape cases. reason? last decade most girls were still staying inside houses, covering up their body from head to toe from view, so guys wouldnt fantasize about anything. now nearly all the girls participate in social functions and sports which required them to somehow take off some parts of their clothing (esp sports. u cant wear baju kurung to run or high jump), giving 'great' views to those perverted guys to dream then pounce on them to make their dreams become reality. so here's my statement after i read those 2 articles. why not blame the guys for having such low tolerance towards their sex drive? and having such low morality? (i dont mean all the guys, just those with immoral thoughts) indeed that some girls might dress a lil bit indecent these days, but you cant just put all the blame to women. instead i think a law about controlling one's hormone would be better.

well i hope i wont get sued after writing all these =_= they are just my personal opinions. it's either you take it or leave it, just don't use it. XD

alright alright. i'll write something lighter :D *the weather is still hot. my fan is on max*

i know most of you are waiting for me to post up the photos shot during the cosplay at the CHM1 charity event. so here they are :) *note* i didn't edit these photos.. too lazy to do so.

this is Natasha@Yen@Yume@Naruto, trying to open the car door from outside since someone *ehem* left the car keys inside. go Naruto~ show your powah!!!!! and that was Gerald at the back, cosplaying as Zoro from One Piece. oh yes.. he was filming the whole incident. XD

going up the bridge that leads to Chung Hua Middle School No.1.... Brennan@Zeraato was cosplaying the shinsengumi...Kennan as Chouji.

lots of people were there already when we arrive, and heads turned to look at us whenever we went. found the Cosworld booth at the last block of the school. nearly hidden from view =_= they had to print out fliers and spread them all over the school compound.

oooohhh~~~ *smirk* i see pink aura XD Azie as Misa from Death Note while Lance, as usual, Itachi :D

now Zoro was getting hungry and wanna poke the bread so badly. i didnt dare to touch the bread after seeing how they are just left there.. uncovered... waiting for us to eat O.o''

rock and roll~ BABEH~~~~

priceless... Swing~ what did you do to Naruto? XD

people started to come after seeing all those crazy stunts did by the cosplayers. well.. ignore that flash of orange in front. XD

ok. this photo got edited. and please welcome back the 4th Hokage of Konoha from his deathbed XD

and Naruto finally met his dear daddy in person XD

ok. you cant blame them for stealing it. one is Naruto and the other is Chouji, what do u expect? besides, there's no ramen to buy ....

so Chouji turned to Pepsi to console his stomach :p

they rummaged the sack of costumes that Haru brought and found Rock Lee's tight costume. they were actually trying to find a victim to wear it.

the Naruto we all know XD

erm. .. ... ...

one of the cute little kids that came to our booth. Lance, u might scare him away XD

thn came a reporter who wana take group photo of them... it started with everyone posing kinda serious

thn changed into this....

and this. ouch. Misa even slapped Naruto with the Death Note. hey~ u're supposed to write on it XD faster that way~ lol!

it's one big family :)

way of the Naruto(s): always act funny when someone pointed a gun at your nose. the shinsengumi and random BLEACH character is fighting at the back using Zoro's swords.

12pm is the closing time for all the booths. so we quickly went outside the classroom to stare at this horsey. it was there for little children or kids like us to ride.

ok~ i think that's all..coz after that i just took photos of the horse. no more cosplay :p

so.. satisfied now? XD right. now i wana escape my oven room and rush to the fridge to get my ice cream. see ya :D

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