it's DARE~

here it is, my temporary online portfolio :D portfolio of eiChi

again, i must warn you to not expect too much from it XD no colorful flash animations or fancy layout to please your eyes. just.. plain. and is good enough for me to present my works. at least for now XD

yesterday was quite an eventful day for me. being out in the city whole day long. meeting up with new people and friends, and had had a good sunburn after being one of the photographer for the Akiyame Cosplay photo shoot the whole morning :D it's been a long time since i last sweat so much under the sun.

morning went to Lee Ming Press for a short appointment with Mr Louis Wong and the boss there, and hereby i would like to say a gazillion thanks to them for offering me a part time job as their freelance graphic designer :) this is going to be a great challenge to me seeing that it's my first time dealing with publishing design works. there are a lot new things i gotta know and must learn them all fast, so i won't disappoint them and also myself.

Kennan had come out with the Akiyame Cosplay photo shoot idea, and the whole bunch of LKW Akiyame members car pooled in 3 cars and headed off to Cats Museum. i went there as their photographer, and so did Intel@Satriakid@Gary from SAMS. well i'll take my sweet time to edit the photos and post them at somewhere else, not here xD will give u the link when they are done :p so here's 2 sneak previews to the photo shoot :p

group photo.

and this is classic

Naruto ate Chouji's snacks and he got angry. and.. you see it yourself XD and i just noticed Gerald@Zoro's half body is inside the photo. lol!

so yeah, just wait for the rest patiently.

it was almost 2 when we all leaved the place and went to Tun Jugah to have lunch. i followed Intel and we got there first, so we waited for the others in front of Popular. guess who we saw, Elly XD my cousin's cousin and also Intel's friend in Japanese Club. actually Intel noticed her first. anyway, so Elly ended up hanging out with us XD

at night, we went out to 'yamcha' again at Hijau (we got a slightly hard time finding the place, thanks to Intel, lol!). this time not all Akiyame members went, just me, Natasha, Kennan and Sanda. other ppl who came to join the 'yamcha' were Intel himself, Elly (yay~! we sure had talked alot :D) , Swing and the most unexpected person - Evilmatter. O.o'' ok, that's just his screen name, he's name is actually 'Rule' or sth like tat, duno how to spell, but sounds like tat XD

me, Natasha, Kennan and Sanda went late. i found them and saw this stranger who suddenly pointed at me, thought hard for a moment, and said:" you're eiChi, right?" lol! i was blurred coz how on earth did he know my name when i havent even introduced myself yet O.O''' then he revealed himself that he's Evilmatter in Devaint Art. here's his page. omg.. this sure is a small world XD

so for the whole night we just had a fun chat about almost anything. topics ranges from CF to funny lecturers to schools to NS to some other random gossips XD and we all 'crashed' into Natasha's house after that. awesome night. lol!

k, i'm getting lazy to write anymore. it's Sunday man, and on Sunday i feel like i want to be a couch potato (i have 2 bags of chips in the kitchen, bahaha) so off i go and tatta~~~ :D

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