still thinking for a lame title to be put here

Happy July~ everyone~!!!! :D

ok, that's a lame greeting. forget about it. here i have some good news and some bad news. alright, good news first, since i wanna get your attention.

my design of 'Little MY' has been shortlisted into the final!!! :D got a call from MY FM office yesterday morning and oh-mah-god, mine got chosen to be in the top 10 finalists! those of you who wana see my 'Little MY' must wait for the MY FM website to post all the designs out on 7 July 2008, as now the design has become the property of MY FM, i can't simply post it anymore. or else i'd be disqualified. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand~ i need support from you guys ^_^ you see... people have to vote for the winner, via sms.... voting time will start from 7 July until 27 July 2008. you'll have to go to the MY FM website to see the voting instructions. so.. i guess in the end it's still up to people's choices ^.^''' whether i'd get the prize or not it all depend on your votes.

the other good news is, i'm finally going to Pulau Redang, for freee~ :D ok, not entirely free, it's just a birthday present from my family (sis and ching i think, i duno). my sis is planning for a company trip to Pulau Redang and she drags me along. i was hesitant at first since she didn't mention about the present. and when she said this trip would be my birthday present this year, ok, now i can't wait to pack my things and jump into the clear blue sea.

right. bad news. i can't get a tablet. and i have to stop watching anime now. Code Geass R2 and Macross Frontier would be the last 2 animes that i'm gona watch. *sobs* with reasons i don wana say ^.^'''

ok. forget about it again. here's another bad news. my mum's hand bag got snatched the other day, in front of 100% discount store near Hock Lee Centre there. no details is needed for this incident. i just wana express my grudge on that low pathetic useless scum (any other insulting words?) who snatched my mum's bag. and one day he'll suffer great sufferings, probably got his stomach sliced off when running pass something sharp, thn you could see his intestine comes gushing out from the wound. or got his little friend chopped off, barbecued and stuffed into his mouth, force him to swallow the whole thing down. ok. i'm a sadist at the moment. too much Battle Royale =_= kids should stay away from my blog. yea, so i'm still mad.i really don't know what has happened to our world these days. lots and lots of news about thievery appear in newspaper everyday, as if you were reading some kind of TV channel guide. sickening.. really. people really ought to be more careful nowadays, try hard not to become their next victim =_=

ok. i'm lazy to write anymore. besides, i think my post would be more savage than ever if i continue writing it XD so, till here!



Anonymous said...

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I have just added this post to buzz.com :)