let me rant about animes for awhile.

ZOMG~! Yuuki is so blur in Vampire Knight! Kanae-senpai is just too composed until it annoys the hell out of me!!! and Zero is the emo type but at least he doesnt seem so fake to me unlike the other two..esp Kaname.. urgh.. =_=

and another ZOMG~! the seiyuu for Ranka (one of the leading roles in Macross Frontier) is actually the same age as me!! O.O''' wow! i salute her for such good voice and talent and also the fact that she debuts in such a grand way! i mean, lead role in Macross!! wOot!! and i say RankaXAlto *eiChi pushes Sheryl aside* what say u? :p

this is a small zomg~! Shirley died! just like that!!! paranoid Rolo... X.X making Lelouch fell agitated and lost his mind at some point... still, i like how the story goes in Code Geass R2 hope it'll get better n better :P

and ooh.. mah god.. Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is... is.. *twitched twitched* is.. too random and hilarious until it left me in DESPAIR!!!! XD i just started watching it this afternoon and at episode 2, i was already nearly rolling on the floor, laughing. mouth was so sore after tat O.O''' dayem...

hmm.. i didn't know that XXX HoLiC has released the second season =_= ... hmmm.....

ok. enough of animes, before my sis beats me into a pulp.

got a few work from my cousin to do these days. you see, there's no more Thai Kong Bookstore at India Street, but it's upgraded to Thai Kong Bookstore Sdn. Bhd. at Green Road there. my cousin takes over the business and wants me to help with the minor advertisement and stuff :) well.. at least i got job to do XD i swear i gona work under a proper company during this year end holiday, since the holiday's gona be almost 2 months long....

yesterday went out with Yen, Intel, Kenan, Azie, Lance and Swing to Kaya Toast, for a short short SHORT meeting on the mascot for I've Anime. we ended up chatting and drawing randomly instead. what's even better was after that 'meeting', we all headed to play Laser Tag. weeee~~ it was my first time and man, i want to play more XD all of us really sweat a lot after the game, another good way of having a healthy lifestyle i guess XD imma going there again next week, be4 i fly back to KL.

ok. fan art alert. just finished it this evening :p

this, is supposed to be a Vampire Knight, Zero fan art.... but i guess i drew too much Natsume until it' shard for me to revert back O.O''' ok, let's just say that the Zero i drew here is when he was still young, after his family got killed by the pure-blooded vampire and he himself got bitten, thus slowly becoming a vampire as well. left with gray eye is the normal Zero, right with red eyes (and blood) is Zero when he turns into a vampire... poor boy...

right. the photos that i'd taken at Pasir Pandak are already been uploaded in both deviantart and flickr, you guys can go check it out now XD

till then~ ja!

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