pasir pasir... hohoho

O.O''' i have no idea what have happened to our dear internet these days.. couldnt even come into my own blog the other night. deviantart too, and other frequent visit sites! fortunately for me, i found a free manga website still available for me to read =_=

so i didn't go to the Rainfest this year. i heard from Yen that many customers who came to us last year came back again, n some still looked for me this year XD i wonder if the ang moh who wanted the 'henna rabbit' as mine came back this year too :P seriously, i miss the experiences so much XD kinda regret that i didnt join in this year, firstly because we're not getting paid. secondly, my mum...no need to explain further =___= btw, i still got 2 tubes of henna in my room XD who wana let me play with their body using henna? nyahahahahaha! XD

oh btw, how does my blog 'new layout' look? i want to keep my sidebar as simple as possible, not too many links and extra stuff.. wana make it look pro, you see.. ahiaks :p and the pink rabbit is my creation :D gonna name it soon... does "Chibit" sounds good? O.O''' well, sorry for the pinkness. personally i don't really like pink on my stuff. but when it comes to print design, somehow..i always go for pink, probably coz it's striking.. and is kinda 'in' now =_='''

imma going back to KL soon. next Thursday, in fact. gonna follow my sis, my cousin, and the rest of their frens to Pulau Redang, for their company trip :p bah~ today went to a beach too with Yen, Intel and Kennan. kinda like a photography outing, but Yen didnt bring her cam XD went to Pasir Pandak, the nearest beach from town, according to Kennan.

these are them.

and this is me :D pointing at the COOL BLUE SKY... that Kennan's umbrella btw

sorry for the gay pose. that is the only way for me to get attention in photos :p anyway. if u wana look at the other photos that i took today, wait for streamyx to revive fully first, then i'll upload them in either flickr, or fotologue, or deviantart. hehe~

i'm going to dye my hair red again!!! raaawwwrrrr!!!

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