oh Redang...

I'M 19!!! XD XD XD

and you know what? on my birthday i had to attend 3 classes with the first one starts at 9am and the last one ends at 8pm. ..... it was... hell... first class - Animation. lecturer started teaching us about principles of animation already and wanted us to get a tablet by next week O.O''' oh no.. i want a second hand one.. anyone willing to sell me their old WACOM Graphire for around RM 170???!!!!! the 2nd class was Cinema Language, and woah~ i love this subject. it's all about film and how to create good scenes inside a film! we are going to watch lots of movies, and one of the exercise is actually to become a director ourselves and shoot the scene from random film that the lecturer appoint to us :D :D cant wait for that. the last class is Digital Imaging.. ah... photoshop... learnt about masking that day... and oh my when i got back to hostel i was like a dead fish.. after dinner, straight away went to bed for ah hour, as Kee Ming came to the rescue of my CD ROM, but was unsuccessful T___T.. i always thought that it was the PC cover problem that my CD player is stuck, but it seems like i really have to buy a new one liaw... sigh.. need to chuck out another RM 150 again... and i thought i could save more money to get myself an external hard disk next month... =_='''


finally~! time to blog about the Redang trip :P

i have the time to blog until 4.30pm coz i hav illustration class starts at 5pm... =_=

anyway. so prepare for a looooooong photoblog. ok? some photos are taken by me, some are by Clarissa, Amane, and Joshua koko. so here it starts.

we departed from KL at around 11 pm on 24th July, using SANI Express. and i tell you this, SANI Express is good. big double decker bus with comfortable seats and lighting. the only minus is that it was like in a fridge especially in the middle of the night. most of us couldnt get a proper sleep coz of the chilliness inside the bus. still, the 5 hours bus trip to Terengganu was great.

and this is the interior of the bus. :)

we arrived at one of the town in Terrenganu and went on the bus provided by Redang Bay Resort, the resort which we were going to stay during the trip. the driver drove us to the resort office first, and asked all of us (including the other tourists) to take a break and have breakfast first, since it was still around 6.30 a.m. so we decided to walk around that area first.

the street looks just like the 'Hai Chun Jie' in Kuching. even though its already almost 7am. the sky is still kinda dark :p

this was taken right after we all had our breakfast. we were heading back to the bus since they will start driving us to the dock at 8am.

see? Redang Bay Resort. and that's BK koko (a.k.a future bro-in-law), my lovely sis and Ching, my funny cousin :)

inside the bus heading to the dock. this is Amane! see how she hugged the big bag of foooood...

yay~! arrived at the dock. it was about 1 hour plus ride from the town to the dock, and we all slept for the whole journey.

up on the boat... sis, Bk koko and Dao Gen koko (paiseh, duno his english name :p)

thn it is another 1 hour journey from the dock to Redang island. so for the whole journey, we see deep blue sea..occasional speed boat..big waves...and random little island like this.

thn this..

we were getting near the resort !!!

thn we ARRIVE!!!!! TADA!!!!!

omg~ this is the first paradise i have ever been to in my whole life!

more photos!!! beach!!!! look at the clear blue water!!! ZOMG~~~ i was like 'sakai' when i got there O.o'''

ah... i want watermelon juice plz XD

ok. just to prove to you that i was indeed there :P

take 1

take 2! we are all oh so happy to be there!

welcome to the Redang Bay Resort! a nice and comfortable and friendly place to stay :)

after a short briefing from the female manager there (who sounded like a Singaporean, and told us sternly that we must be punctual to get our food for breakfast/afternoon/dinner), and got into our respective rooms, we all changed into our beach wear and you know what happen next - rush to the beach.

it was me who did the jump first in one of the group photos, so they all started to jump like me also. we all jumped so perfect in this picture, too bad that it's blur. it;s High School Musical!!! (note* personally i have no interest in HSM)

another one. this time with my sis in it.

yay! me! with the awesome scenery behind me!!!

we are the super sister duo of TAY!

after we had all taken enough photos at the beach infront of the resort, we walked off to the neighbour beach, where the movie 'Summer Mo Mo Tea' was filmed. :D

along the momo tea beach :P me and ching just like to be a little dramatic XD

the Mo Mo Tea house!!!! too bad it's not the original one that appeared in the movie. that's just a remake. the original one was demolished to make space for the exotic resort that was built after the movie was shown in cinemas and gain popularity.

i wonder which one is Ah Niu, Richie Ren, and Guang Liang

the supposed 'dont-look-at-the-camera' pose that was directed by my sis. i looked at the camera anyway.

at 2 in the afternoon, all the tourists were gathered to prepare for the snorkeling activity at the nearby big coral reefs.

weee!! the water is co cooold!!!! O.O'''

ok. didnt take any camera when we went for snorkeling. so i'll just tell you my experience. the water is deep. i couldnt swim,even when my sis hold me tight i still panic like hell, and the safety guard had to 'rescue' me up the speed boat first =_= yes.. i was scared to death at that time. but after about like 10 minutes, i calmed down again and decided to try again, this time with the safety guard to guide me using the pelampung (damn, i forgot how to say it in english! zomg!!!) and he brought me around the snorkeling area to look at super big corals and lots of fish! lucky all the fish was far below me, since the water is deep. oh! and he showed me Nemo too!!! nyaaaa~~ big clown fish is cute! XD

ok, i fell in love with snorkeling after that XD

so we had that activity for about an hour thn we all headed back to the resort again to do our own activity.

ahahahahaha!!! me, Amane, Clarissa and sis did this to ah ching!!!

oh my....

thn she did this to shock us. O.O'''

this is Amane chasing Dao Gen koko to the sea....

i didnt join them to play in the water, coz i was lazy to take a bath after that to wash off all the sand, so i took out my SLR and shoot at random stuff. lol

nya~~~ love this :P

and then i spotted this cute little thing walking past with his daddy

aaaaawwwwwwww~~~ so sweeet~~~ :D

and they happen to sit in front of me to play with the sand, so of course, i shoot them straight away! :D


ok. so i moved on to shoot at these. dead corals. they all shouted to me: "we once belong in there~! *points towards the sea*"

nya~ the pretty ladies with Dao Gen koko in the middle. neh~! far there, doing the peace sign XD

hmm.. looks, like some shots from movies... ladies in black..

at the other side of the beach, there was this big group of students playing 'ba he'.. pulling rope competition? duno what it's called in english. GOSH! MY ENGLISH HAS DETERIORATED!!! O.O'''

woot~! pull!!!

ok. after that was dinner time. as for night activities, we girls went to the karaoke lounge for a karaoke session while the guys went for i duno where. thn we met up again at around 11pm sth and went to the neighbour beach again, since there is much more happening, with pro ppl singing cheerful songs in front, all got the happy relax beach mood one XD love them. too bad me, ching and amane got really tired and decided to go back to our room early to sleep. so yeah.. we slept XD

the next morning i woke up real early to get photograph of sunrise. but then, since it rained the night before, there wasnt the usual perfect sunrise, so everyone who waited was really, really disappointed. including me. so me and my sis camwhore XD

mama would be happy to see this XD her one beautiful daughter and one 'handsome son' :P

at 9am that day we went of to another snorkeling activity again.

lots of ppl were there at the Redang Sea Park, or sth like tat :)

this time, I SAW LOTS OF FISHY!!!! O.O''' because it's not deep, and all those school of fishy just swam past me and i was like, root to the spot, didnt dare to move an inch. even my sis cried out loud and grab at my shorts! zomg..and to think that i have phobia for fish. clearly at that time i overcome the fear for a few moments. i mean, at least i was just squealing, not shouting XD coz, really amazing la!!! all those fishy and corals. nyaaaaa~~ but still i chose to feed the fish after that.

me and Dao Gen koko. trying to feed fish at shallow water =_= in the end we went up to the bridge and threw the bread near the ppl snorkeling below us... lol..

ok... i got really tired to blog liaw.... aaah~~~ can i just post photos?? O.O'''

this were all taken after the snorkeling activity.

we all ate ais kacang!!!!!

and they play 'Dai Di'

thn we see another group of ppl going of for snorkeling... looks like they were runnning away from dooms day... we were like that too =_=

nya~ i look fat in that shirt XD

ok. dont ask. just enjoy the photo.

yea.. Fish Leong appeared...

i was so happy. u can tell from my funny expression of that XD

we just love to pose, ok? XD

sth bad happened on that day though. the power mask (the big goggle specially made for faulty eyes like me) i borrowed from the resort was being replaced by some other normal mask. which means, gone suddenly, and also means that we have to pay the resort RM300 for losing the mask. and i was like... oh shite... what did i do. i was supposed to take good care of the power mask, but i lost it, it's my responsibility O.O''' my happy mood was suddenly pushed so far into the Atlantic ocean and i was like.. all gloomy, i blamed myself for that. well.. not only when we were so desperate thn baru Joshua Koko opened mouth to say that he mistook my mask to the other snorkeling trip and exchanged it with the safety guard on the board =_=''' so after that, my happy mood speed swimming back to me and i went to collect sand into my sand bottle straight away XD

that night, after the dinner we just stayed at the little open-air bar at the front of the resort, where the DJ played all kinds of pop songs. thn me, sis, BK koko and Dao Gen koko played this board game which i duno the name but know how to play :p
neh, this game :P

sis and BK koko one team, while me and Dao Gen koko the other team.

at the first sis and BK koko were winning, thn by the end of the game, they had a hard time shooting the red one, and at that time me n Dao Gen koko were catching up to their points, and i finished the red one. so, my team won! yay! XD

something unexpected happened to me after that. when i was so engaged with another game (UNO, in fact) with the rest, my sis and ching came to me with 4 cup ice creams sticked with candles, and the music changed from some pop music to the birthday song... O.O''' ok... they decided to celebrate my birthday early XD alright, i was amused and touched at the same time, ok? amused by the ice cream, and touched by the warmness i felt from all of them. *sob sob*

.... it was cold that night. so my sis gave me extra tower to wrap around my body XD

as the music they played there were like, disco..pub.. etc. Joshua's koko gf was so excited to dance in front. she was like.. REALLY EXCITED O.O''' she saw me moved along abit with the music on my seat, thn she started dragging me with her to the 'dance floor' O.O''' part of me was like, what the hell?! but the other part of me was thinking, hey, first time move my body up in front. lol!!! aiyah, so i just danced my stupid dance with her la. thn she also dragged my sis n cousin up too, along with Clarissa n Amane. one of the safe guard saw us dacing shyly there, so he asked the DJ to change the music to Macarena, and woot! he teached us to dance the dance XD

baah~ the photo is blur, but who cares? it was fun XD

so right after we went off the 'dance floor', ppl started to fill up the space and really dance like.. you know.. like in a club or sth XD they were allso high~~

i swear to you, it was really, only the few of us at first at the front of the bar. and thn, look at this..

.... ... .... dancing queen....... and i was shocked when one of the safe guard dragged me up onto the speaker that was placed on the ground, so that everyone could see me. i was actually at the side only, watching them, thn he suddenly pulled me in O.O''' i had no choice... i just simply swing my arms around, did some butt moves, and quickly got down =_=''' it was somehow.. embarrassing...lol

this 'activity' continued on into midnight, where the last song from the DJ was 'Lang Hua Yi Duo Duo', the famous song from movie 'Mo Mo tea'. most of the ppl left after that, but the 9 of us continued to sit there, play Dai Di, while i was just look at them and played with my bubbles. soon after, 2 safety guards who used to brought us snorkeling, came in to join in the card game, while one long hair safety guard, who had 'rescued' me on my first day of snorkeling, came to sit beside me and played bubbles with me. LOL~! they are all really friendly people, not to say, kinda young too :) they told us stories of the resort.. some pretty interesting experiences they had during their work.... and they showed us the BLUE SAND!!! or a.k.a pasir biru n a.k.a sea plankton. the plankton glowed when it was disturbed. so when it was washed towards the shore and made contact with the sand, it glowed a neon blue. i tell you, blue sand is really really PRETTY!!! and STUNNING!!! we were all like 'sakai' when we first looked at the blue sand! too bad we didnt take any photos coz it was too dark, plus it was already almost 3 a.m when we walked by the sea side to view the blue sand.

so, after another short chat with the safety guards, we all went to sleep, since the next day we had to catch the earliest speed boat back to where we came from. and so we didnt take any more shots after that. sad.... i miss the place T_____T i miss the sand... i miss the sea... i miss the snorkeling... i miss the safety guards...I MISS REDANG ALREADY!!!!

right... will go back again someday.. mahahahahahahaha~!

ya. that's all about my Redang trip. long? juicy? interesting? or crappy? haha! XD mah~ doesn't matter, at least i had blogged about it :p

aaah~~ Happy Redang XD


hana said...


haha i like ur pics better than audrey's cause hers very little scenery lol.

and i think its called swimming ring and the second is called tug-of-war? XD

nice to see you had tons of fun there since you're always working so hard lol ah i'll love to go on a trip like this one day too =D

eiChi said...

mahahaha! yea! Redang is really awesome, you really should have gone there before you went to US :P

lol.. *eichi takes note* swimming ring and tug-of-war XD

pui said...

hello eichi,

drop by just from Swing's station. Wahh~the photos really attract me!! Beautiful indeed!! just yesterday, my housemate, a teacher who taking master degree in UM asked me wan or not join her trip to Redang during Raya. should hv answer to her next week. ah,hope can make it this time and my friend too...
again, those photos really lure me.(>_<)