having a break

tonight! i declare it's a holi-'night' for me myself. i guess all my classmates are declaring the same thing, since we are really really REALLY work like hell for the past few days. we deserve a break.

i didn't have any appetite for a few days... probably due to my lack of sleep and exhaustion. but today, i had a great dinner with my friends. Fion, Vicky and me cooked many 'ngo hiang' (chinese pork food called 'wu xiang') that Fion's mum brought for us, and we invited Kee Ming and Dylan to come over and eat, since they are the ones helping us storing the food using their fridge (plz refer to the previous post, the reason is there). it's like a small party for us, to celebrate the coming of one week holiday and to finish the 'ngo hiang' b4 it turns bad. well, we didnt just eat the 'ngo hiang' la. we still buy food from the mamak stall outside :P

right. last weekend went for a photo shooting session with Wie Nie. erm, i just shoot for fun, while Wie Nie, she had to shoot for assignments :P i just tagged along, tat's all. hehehehe... i didn't have the chance to shoot still life images at the photo studio with Wie Nie since that day i had other things to do. so i just got to take photos of Richie being the model for Wie Nie :D

wahahaahah~! Richie's being shot!!! :D

Wie Nie at work :D

aih. i really feel kinda sad for didnt able to take the stil life photos. nvm, i'm sure there will be next time.

btw, wondering how my group did for the short video shooting? well.. all i can say is, we all are still amatuer, man.... XD i mean, we had to operate this!!!

that is Ah Long doing his DOP (director of photography) job.

L to R: Ain, Wana, and Nini, putting make-up on one of our actresses, Saudah.

Mr Julian, the head of the Creative Multimedia faculty a.k.a my Cinema Language lecturer, is teaching me how to use the video recorder.

bah~ the set :D

so anyway. overall my grooup had done an average job as a stater, at least we finished everything la... although in the middle there's a little bit chaos session, as those members who rarely come to meeting try to take control of the whole set. still. it's a wrap XD

but. i must say that, again. being a director and leader at the same time is a task too challenging for me to handle O.o''' though i had learn alot about filming and got to know more about my multi-races classmates tru this assignment.

as for the progression of my other assignments... hmm.. i think it's time to start doing them 'on-screen'. as in, no more brain-storming sketches, just start to do them in computer straight away. or else there wouldn't be enough time.

Raya holiday is coming soon, wahahahahaahaha~ i think i'll go down to PJ to stay with my sis, since she says she might provide me with a computer to do my assignments :)

ok. gotta sleep soon. time to fully recharge my body, babeh~~!!!! :D

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