Northen Cross

lol!! you can't believe what my housemate had done to the fridge. she tried to scrap off the ice in the ice box, using a screwdriver. well, accidentally she hit too hard on the ice until it pierced a hole on the box and the gas leaks out... we tried to mend the hole but the gas is still leaking, and it's like a scale model of global warming happening inside the fridge, with the ice melting in seconds. so we quickly pack our stuff, esp the meat, and went to 6th floor to 'borrow' some space of my friend's fridge. haha~ oh dear.. gota inform the office ppl tomorrow =_=

anyway, these days are just plain hectic for me. assignments after assignments. and then there's teh group work for filming. tomorrow is the final shooting day, and wish my group all the best k? i tried to be a good group leader/director and oh my, i really stress myself out just becuase of this film assignment, coz i really don't wana dissapoint my group members. i keep on thinking that probably the other group is going to do better then us. well, probably yes, but i must be confident enough to trust myself and my group members. this whole film assignment is all about experience and group work. it's ok to make mistake, but i'll try my best not to. just.. just let me and my group finish the shooting without any regrets :)

yea..assignments.. they really make me suffer man~~ for a few days the lower eyelid of my right eye kept on.. 'jumping' (is this the correct word to describe it?). and my friends told me that it happened becuase i was too tired and lack of sleep. @.@ so yesterday, i gave myself a holiday and went to The Mines's cyber cafe to play :P planning to play SDO at first, but teh keyboard there sucks, so guess what i played instead? Maple Story!!!! ahahahahahaha~! omg~ it's been like.. a year since i last logged into my account. i even forgot about my login ID when i tried to login yesterday :P luckily i remembered it and continue my bandit journey inside the game XD i'm still at level 34 btw. feel like playing until i reach level 35 and stop playing again. lol!

right... i'm getting sleepy actually. feel like finishing my animation assignment tonight but i guess i just gona forfeit the quest :P i'm gona post up my virgin animation exercises here when they are all done :D hehehe... but please don't expect high quality from me ok? i'm a newb. noob. nooooooob XD

k, c ya all!

ps* all of Macross Frontier songs are GREAT!!!

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