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i blame the weather

it's really chilly outside. just woke up from a sweet slumber. for me it's a sweet slumber because i didn't dream at all throughout the night, which means, peace of mind XD

rain falls more often these days. not heavy rain, but just the melancholic drizzle. man, it makes me somehow feeling blue all of a sudden. of what i don't even know myself.

i'm now back in my hostel btw. having rushed most of my assignments yesterday after got back from PJ, it's just left some word documents to be done today. plot segmentation for Gladiator... and rationales for 2 assignments. and oh let me rant about how tiresome doing basic animation is =_= first you have to draw the sketch of a human walking frame by frame (normally it's about 10 or 12 frames for a normal walk cycle), draw the details of teh human frame by frame, then clean up the lines frame by frame, and then colour everything, yup, frame by frame again, so basically it took me 1 night for the sketch and details, 3 hours for the cleaning, and another 4 hours plus for the coloring. i wonder how i would survive for my final assignment, doing the animation trailer which must last for 30 secs.

oh. and remember i used to mention about my online friend from Israel? i thought our friendship might have fallen apart after several months of no contact. well, surprisingly, it didnt. we still chatted as if we were back in 2005, when we just met each other inside the Bleach Forum. there used to be the 5 of us, and we claimed ourselves to be a family. haha XD ooh the good old happy days. 3 of them now are busy studying, i lost contact with 2 of them... anyway, i really feel glad and assured that our friendship still remains, unlike some other online friends i had, who just become strangers after a few weeks. somehow, i feel proud with our friendship :)

oh yea...my flickr is lacking of new photos for many weeks already. maybe i should NOT be lazy to edit my photos anymore and just post them up. don't wana waste my flickr pro account which will be due this November. i haven't draw much too. the latest thing i drew when i first got my Graphire Tablet was this. after that, it's either assignments or laziness that block my drawing.

practising my tablet use. still abit shaky. i call this 'Violet Attraction'

great. i just remember i havent had breakfast. and the chilling temperature is just so alluring (in some way).

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Devin said...

Your drawing skill is amazing. Wish i can draw like you. Hope to see more works from you.