erm.... Happy Belated Merdeka? O.o''

i forgot what i did on that independence day... too many things happened in just few days and oh my all the assignments are trying to do me hard. ... ... my blog is really not for the under 18 XD

ok. as you can see~ it's 4.28 a.m now and i'm still doing my assignment, using my future brother-in-law's laptop. i'm at my sis place now you see... my mom is holidaying here, that's why. and i realy have to invest some money to buy myself a laptop so that i wont have to wait for BK koko's laptop to use everytime i come down to PJ. but when will i get the money that much? O.o'''

anyways, put that aside. well, certainly there are many interesting things happen around me all these days but i'm just not one of those bloggers who take cameras with them everywhere they go and blog evey single detail on their stuff (i used to do that btw). erm.. and that Redang trip is an exeption, coz that was realy a 'big happening' in my life.

so what i'm trying to say here is. sometimes i'm just too busy/tired to blog. work comes first :)

alright. i really should go and get some sleep now. and btw, Happy Belated Birthday to Faye~ :) go and indulge yourself in more anime mania XD

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