I'll take everything

ok. so basically my current life/mind is filled up with all these:

1. thinking about the storyboard for the Animation final project. we are going to make a proper animation movie trailer!!! O.O''' what the?!!

2. how to be a good leader in a group consists of 12 members and this time we are required to film a scene, using the script given by the lecturer. and i'm one of the directors. and somehow, i'm kinda feeling stress about this because the other group seems so knowledgeable about directing films! O.O""""""" and this is my first time!!! my group members chose me as their leader because they know i would lead them well. but what if i screw up??!!! i guess this is my biggest challenege in life, at the moment.. God please gain me confidence and make my mind at ease.

3. and i have to watch Gladiator 3 times just to write a plot segmentation during Cinema Language class.... i havent touched the film yet...

4. what? our final assignment for the Screen Design is to design an e-magazine for Limkokwing? O.O''' and it's compulsary for everyone to do the same topic??!! what the...

5. i tell you, tuesday is the most tiring day in my current life now.

6. and oh yes, my PC is healed. but i wish it could magically turn itself into a super duper new PC, as Godly as my friend's. yea.. i got a friend whose PC is like.. God... to us graphic people.

7. oh ya, i just found out that one of my best buds from Limkokwing, whom i always thought was the same tomboy+single as me, got a boyfriend without me knowing. right.... you know.. it really shocked me and somehow i feel like, i lost to them =_=''' so... who wana be with me? XD k, i was just joking. but seriously, when would mine come?

8. gahhh..everything is pricey. have to look for the lowest price meal everytime i go out for lunch/dinner. sickening. btw, i guess government is experiencing a shortage on money too, or else by now i could see decorations everywhere in KL to celebrate Merdeka.

9. life is never fair. just face it, or show them how stubborn you are.

10. ok.. i;m actually halfway doing one of my assignments now. i need some refreshments. but it's 2.18 am already. hmmm.... right, i got nothning else to type here.

now, life is just plain busy. the only improvement in my degree life is that, finally, me and my classmates are like a bunch of random kids now. :)

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Faye said...

1-4. Your stuff sounds so incredibly interesting. Ganbaru ne eichisan!! :D

5. Ah, we all have that.

6. Is it a Mac?

7. I've experienced the same feelings, buddy. *patpat* Don't worry, when your time comes it will come.

8. Been there done that. Food prices in KL are astronomical compared ti Kuching. A kolo mee is still RM2.50 at most. Ah Kuching.

9. You'll be alright, I'm sure. :)

10. Stock up on Maggi the next time you go grocery shopping. XD