finally can sleep

ahahaha.... oh my god... my dear pc is near its end... now there is only 2 GB left in my C drive, with damn kavo (or wadever it is) virus infecting inside, god knows how i got it from. must be from one of my fren's pendrive. coz the other night we all were rushing work and our pendrives were like, poking in from here to there, and the next day my pc was pwned ... now my PC cant even detect the new external hard disk i just bought.... oh dear... waiting for my classmate to come and reformat my PC now...

animation class is fun, but doing animation, even doing a simple bouncing ball with a storyline, is headache; cinema language is even more fun, we watch movies in classes..learn about film stuff..but having to watch 5 Romance/coming of age genre films for assignment is ... oh no.. romance....mushy stuff... =_= so far in this semester...i guess animation and cinema language are the most difficult subject for me to be on top, but i'll do my best :)

internet here is still sucks like hell. feeling shitty and damn vicious during the past few days when the only solution for my assignments are to do research online...it was.. so damn slow. thinking of moving to Cyberia next year, not because of Streamyx, but other reasons as well. first, the transportation to school is free, unlike in Desaria, you have to pay RM 100 every month for it. damn. Second, it's only RM 280 per month for the room, with washing machine provided. third, more choices of food over there, and is cheaper. plus if you walk for a few meters, you'll reach Cyberjaya's food n supplies heaven = StreetMall. fourth, now almost all of my classmates have moved to Cyberia, leaving only 5 of us behind, and one of us is deciding to go there next year. so yeah.. . i think these reasons are enough to let me move too.

btw, the other day when i was on the Rapid Kl, going to city, i saw an unbelievable sight. at first i was unsure, but when i peeked and stared properly, i was in utter shock. the guy standing a feet in front of me has eyes and shape of face EXACTLY like Toma's!!!!!!!! O.O'' plus the guy has the hairstyle almost like the one Toma has now in the drama MAOU. if the guy had the same eagle nose and mouth as Toma's, he would be Toma's Malaysian double. i noticed this guy first when he got into the bus and smile at his friend, and at that moment i thought i saw some Toma's features..that's why i kept on peeking at him to make sure. i think the guy is mixed. his skin is in darker shade and he asked my friend about the time in broken chinese. my friend made fun of him tellin me that maybe he is Toma and come to Malaysia in disguise.. wtf.. couldnt be XD right, so i was a stalker for that 45 minutes on the bus, kept on trying to get a glance of him. and every time when i looked at him, i would look away again and cursed under my breath.. damn that eyes.... they are the same @.@ my other friend wasn't so sure about that, but hey~ i'm a super Toma fan and i got tonnes of his picures in my folder, how wouldnt i know if i saw it?

anyway. it happened a few days ago and i'm not so sure whether i would like to see him again. lol! better not XD

k. i guess that's all for me to 'report' :p till next time :D

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