just a brief update, k?

weeeee~~~ i didn't win the MY FM icon competition XD well.. i somehow knew it would be like this, since most Malaysians are more attracted towards Japanese-influence design, and contestant no. 8, 9 and 10. and yup. design no. 10 won it :) congrats to him (i forgot his name XD)

well, i'm lazy to blog about the concert, coz it was abit.. crappy.. even the most talked about singer on MY FM, that Yoga (Lin You Jia) performed poorly that night. seriously.. and i was like.. omg?! even when they announced the chosen Siao MY, the DJs didnt even mention who the designer was, or show us the voting result. so yeah.. bah.. at least mine managed to get into the top 10 XD and oh, my Siao MY is free to come out liaw :D

nyaaaaaaaaa~~~ you are too cute to be stored inside my PC just like that :P

right. got some assignments to deal with now. plus my part time work. so i wont be blogging as much soon. even if i blog, it'll only be a brief update, shorter thn this i guess. i'll try to blog more la.

ok. i missed the whole opening ceremony of the Olympics 2008... i only watched the first 6 minutes of the opening ceremony on Youtube, the rest were taken off from it. but i have some great photos to share.

for more just go to this link.

enjoy :)

OMG!!! i just remembered!!! before i leave, I MUST SHOW ALL CODE GEASS LOVERS ABOUT THIS VIDEO!!!

really, i laugh so hard every time i watch it and it makes me goes high for 2 days straight. XD XD XD whoever that made this video is either too bored to do anything else or is just plain genius.

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