My Life will Find Its Way

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i'm sick. got a cold. sore throat. slight fever for the past 2 nights.

went to sis's place last week end and she brought me to Genting Highland. played the Space Shoot~! woohoooooo~!!! really shiok! feel so nice when the ride took me high up in the air, with the cold breeze brushing on my face~ nice~! kimochiii~~~~ wana ride it again. mahahahaha~

that night went to an expensive dinner with sis, BK koko, Dao Gen koko, Joshua koko and his friends from Johor/Singapore. well. i guess Joshua koko didnt mean to invite me, i just happened to be with my sis at that time. lol! anyway. the restaurant is called Elcerdo (if i'm not mistaken) and it sellls all PORK food!!!! O.O''' ok. i'm lazy to go into details about the food. u just have to know that, damn it's all pork...

the next day i stayed at my sis's apartment, watched "Red Cliff", ate Wendy's. thn in the evening we went to visit my uncle's place, and we all went to eat satay together, at a restaurant which its main dish is satay!!!! o.O''' played with my little cousins after that and uncle and auntie let me, sis n bk koko to play with their Wii... oh dear... i'm getting to lazy to write details on everything. plz forgive me. u have to know that it's 3.48am a the moment. usually the mind stops working at this hour.

we all know that its just an excuse. anyway, the above 'descriptions' is of how i got my sickness. well.. sort of. coz i drank less water those few days....

just started watching the first seasonof Heroes. lol. i'm slow XD but hu cares, the show's great :P getting pretty tense at the end of every episode, making me feel like neglecting my assignment and pia finish the series first. oh noes! i cant do that~!

aha! excuse me ladies and gentleman, it's time to be vain!

booked the photo studio yesterday morning to shoot model pictures for my e-magazine assignment. had fun fooling around the studio after i finished taking what i wanted.

me and Miin Yuann, my model. photo taken by Eric Chih, another model of mine. terrorist jacket borrowed from Eric.

love the jacket to bits!! XD

look. i think about Toma b4 i do my poses. lol. must be funny, natural, and 'sunny-like'. lol~!

ok. this one is trying to look cool. borrowed the hat from the people who are shooting in the same studio too XD

and this one. my friend say it's a sexy pose. oops...

i found out that i like to put my hands on the hat =_= and erm.. ignore my attire ....

yay~! smile smile!!!!

hey say JUMP!!! :D

and this is Eric Chih. one of his best shots. thanks for the jacket and the pictures ah! and also for teaching the studio lighting! XD

Miin Yuann~!!! one of my fav shots of her :D

really fun la, shooting inside the studio :P we really did alot of random poses XD haha! planning to go shooting again after the finals.. and this time i'm gona wear something striking! mahahahaha!!!!

ok. i really must go to sleep now.

thanks for the attention and hope you won't feel sick of the vanity of this post. lol!

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