:3 What bout my Star?

hi people. how was i doing? now i really wish to say that i'm doing fine and that i can sleep well and eat well. but the truth is, oh hell... i'm still sick, havent been sleeping for more than 3 hours for the past few days, and that animation assignment is slowly eating my soul away. i guess this happens too to most of my classmates. oh dear.... minna-san!!! GAMBARIMASU!!!!

so basically i wont be blogging much for the next 2 weeks. you know.. animation.. and the internet line doesnt help either. couldnt go online at all. i'm at my sis's office now actually, came down to do my video assignment which need some shooting of the city life... will be going back tonight and 'mate' with my assignments. hohoho.. i wonder how the offspring would be like =__=

Online magazine layout by ~eiChi17 on deviantART

the final assignment for the Screen Design for Typography class. everyone MUST do an online magazine for LIMKOKWING students. erm.. actually its like..created by LKW specially for LKW students. get it? so my concept is basically funky on black, with the theme 'Color the Black', to show that, LKW is not always black lah~ lazy to explain more. ah.. plz shoot me for the lazines....

and you know what? there's a 70% chance of me going to Singapore to catch the AFA08 and watch May'n cocert LIVE!!!!! hohohohohohoho~ my sis actually allow me to go, using my own money of coz.... well.. $8 for both days is CHEAP OK??!!! XD mahahahahahahahha!!!!!

OMG!!! i just checked the official website for the event, and the TICKETS ARE ON SELL NOW!!! damn...Diamond VIP seats are all sold out in just 2 days!! wahlao.. thn the VIP seats selling at $68 per ticket..... i guess i'll just stand at the what we called 'standing-zone' becoz we can just use the event entry ticket for it, like i sed, just $8 :P

more info just go to this page. MAY'N!!!

ohohohohohoho~!!! hehe.. gona ask Thelindra to help me buy ticket first! nyaha!or i'll just ask her to lend me her cosplay costume so i can have free entry pass! hehe..

ok, i'll see about that again. all i know is that, I'M GOING!!!!!


right.. get back to work.

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