No White Flag

ah. first of all, i would like to thank Quin for awarding my blog as one of the 'coolest blog'. hehe.. although the truth is that there's nothing special about my blog XD anyways, thanks again. i really appreciate it :D

well my line here at the hostel is really sucks, cant upload my animatic sequence on Youtube to post it here. i can;t even online proprely without having to reconnect every 5 to 10 minutes. difficult to get the materials and research i want.. damn.. i miss my streamyx back in Kuching.

and ermn...my computer.. ya.. my computer... it's at its limit. she is trying so hard right now, i know that. trying hard not to give me any "blue screen". since last Saturday, the blue screen appeared for 6 times already, including the one appeared this morning. oh dear.... and my C drive left 1.52 GB again... and i still have many softwares hvnt installed yet. Adobe After Effects and Premier...which i'm going to use to edit the videos for the cinema language final assignment. my computer is old... old..... old..... all i can say to my computer is.. keep holding on =_=''''

ok. i duno what to update anymore. everyday is just sleep (or no sleeping at all), eat (or no eating at all), and assignments. with occasional in between entertainment such as watching Minami Ke. or playing Mario... or Zuma.. or just randomly disturb my housemates. wakakakakakakakaka!

oh dayem. i want a rest that really means REST. go Pulau Redang again?

lol. owari.

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