taking a break

2.44 a.m.

last night slept at 7.00 a.m yesterday morning. does this make any sense to you?


as you can see, i'm still on frame 474... 241 more frames to color.

and my aim is to submit everything to Mr Golam on Wednesday morning. so i can pack all my belongings, thn go to sis's place that night.

i think i can do it. no. scrap that. i MUST do it. *using adidas slogan : impossible is nothing!!!! mahahahahaha*

will be going down to Singapore on Thursday night, together with Faye and her special someone XD luckily Faye messaged me the other night asking about the AFA 08' , or else i would still be troubled about my transportation to Singapore, coz mum only allows me to go if there's someone she knows go with me. so Faye!! YOU ARE MY SAVIOR!!!!!! *glomps Faye*

*view large* so many events1 they even invite Studio 4c!!

i'm so excited right now, to be able to attend such a big anime fest for the first time. it's not like the Malaysia's Comic Fiesta, this IS Anime Fest Asia. for whole Asia~! bigget thn CF. hohoho~! and i can attend May'N's concert too! the song that i tried to sing (but failed..somehow XD) in the previous post is originaly by May'N. and she's defintely gona sing that song during the concert.

and i'll be able to meet my Singapore friend again~! Lindra-chan~!! now she has become an avid cosplayer, i can take my D40x and 'shoot' her liaw. be afraid, Thelindra, coz i wont go easy on you :P

btw. my computer gave me blue screen for a total of 26 times last night. O.O''' i had to restart my com everytime it happens. and i had to save my flash animation every few seconds in case it blue screen on me again @.@ but today it didnt happen. coz i figure out the problem.... seems like my sound programe got some problem. whenever i play the songs, whether using 千千 or Windows Media Player, it will sure blue screen. so right now i'm listening to the songs in my handphone... =_=... kesian me...

ok. gotta go back to work. AFA 08', here i come!!!!! :D

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