"my" nature

i HAVE to do something else other than sitting all day long doing animation.


always go swimming.. well, more like, playing in the swimming pool, every time when me and Fion got so frustrated with the work XD

and this is the 'something else' which i recorded yesterday morning. lol.. just got random. and it turns out quite well....


please don't flame me with the bad singing.



Quin said...

it's really you?? wow... very nice!! luckily i din go red box with u guys the other day.. if i heard u, i might very well just keep my cow voice to myself the whole time.

good luck with assignments! light's at the end of the long dark tunnel..

eiChi said...

lol~! thanks :) aiya, nvm one, go karaoke is for fun, not comparing voices :) next time go together la, ask Shiau Fong and the rest again XD