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i've been feeding on Nescafe, Teacinno, and extremely strong tea for the past few nights just to keep myself awake to do the animation trailer. never had a good long 6 hours sleep since last week. 4 hours would be the longest. and yesterday i just had 2 hours. right now this instant i really want to climb up that deadly bed of mine and drift myself off to my wonderful dreamland.

but no. cant. there's another cup of coffee at my side now. i MUST finish tracing the animation trailer by tomolo night so i could colour all 800 frames from Thursday onwards. and i MUST complete everything by next Tuesday, so i could have the time to pack my things.

i'm moving to Cyberia next year, with cheaper house rent and fast unlimited streamyx. i really love streamyx now. oh ya, Cyberia got more choices for food too. looking forward to my new nest :P

and i'm so looking forward to my trip to Singapore and watch May'N live. well.. only if my friends are confirmed going too. they have finals to rush and finish too. oh i pray hard to God, plz give me the opportunity to go to the concert after such tedious and soul-sucking work. i deserve it!! right? no?

another cause of sleepless nights.

acrylic painting on A2 size canvas. final for Illustration class. gotta choose a historical figure and draw out his/her amazing story. i chose to draw Zheng He. why? because i actually forgot to do research for historical figure and our lecturer 'demanded' us to tell him our 'chosen ones' on the spot. the first person i thought of in my mind was Zheng He. probably because of the same surname... =_= i should have drawn someone else. anyway, gota submit it tomolo morning. gah...

and i swear that i'm gona sleep like a PIG after next Tuesday.

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i like this pic... btw...nice to know u ...