Fuzzy Sunday Morning

photo taken by tayeichi. all rights reserved.

oh my! i always forgot to celebrate my blog's birthday :D

it's December and this humble blog of mine was created in December 2005!!! Insanity and Genius is 3 years old!!! *throws confetti*

3 years seem to be kinda short for some people who have been blogging for years, but for me, it has accompanied me through all the up and downs that have happened in my life in this 3 years time. reading back my posts i realize that my way of thoughts has changed, so does my writing style. sometimes it does feel weird, reading back my old posts. it's like, the feeling of so far away but it was me all the time. get what i mean? it's ok if you don't XD

anyways, so i'm gonna start my part time job tomorrow onwards, weekdays 9 am to 6 pm, Saturday 9am to 12pm. at a Graphic Design company near 3rd Mile McD there :) so those who wana drag me out for yamcha or anything, i'm only available on weekends XD but i doubt i'm getting more invitations for yamcha-ing since Curry-senpai and Brennan are heading off to KL for Comic Fiesta this week. they are the ones who likes dragging people out to yamcha =_= but to my secondary school friends, don't forget about me ya! XD

Christmas art is on the way. well, not really, just sketches only. prolly i'll only be uploading it a few days before Christmas. i still have a week to work on it ^.^

oh ya, i havent let you guys see my latest artwork right? it's drawn for PARADOX, a local doujin group which is going to sell their artbook during the Comic Fiesta. i took part in it, just for fun ^.^

please don't steal my artwork XD

it's called "Believing". gona have faith in yourself no matter what happens :) tools? Wacom Graphire + Corel Essential 3 + Photoshop CS3

ok. so far this is all i wana update you all with. :D and i'm loving photography more and more! XD

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