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you guys will gona see this in tomorrow's 诗华日报,Borneo Post and Utusan Melayu.

the design company which i'm doing part time now is organizing a big event called December Extravaganza from 24 Dec till 31 Dec, at the out door car park of Crown Square. several events will be held there within those days, and two of the main events are the one listed above in the advert, the 24th shuffling finale and christmas countdown party, and the 31st Rock'in 2009 Countdown Party.

The 8 days outdoor stage events will start from 24 December 2008 until 31 December 2008. ENTER-K MELBOURNE SHUFFLE COMPETITION 08’: THE GRAND FINALE will be the first stage event of the extravaganza. On the night itself, the shufflers will compete among oneself on their last journey to be the winner of ENTER-K MELBOURNESHUFFLE COMPETITION 08’!
Besides that, the joint organizers has included XMAS EVE COUNTDOWN into the event, in which will be a countdown party after the shuffle competition. Local artists and bands are invited to perform, such as “LIVE BAND CHARITY 08” winners, “NEW VOICE KARAOKE CONTEST 08” winners, and of course, the judges of ENTER-K MELBOURNE SHUFFLE COMPETITION 08’ - Alicia (Tribezone), Daniel, Wallace and Nicholas (Hazard Minors).

ticket price @ 30 nett

31 DEC
The last day of ENTER-K’s DECEMBER EXTRAVAGANZA! @CROWN SQUARE will be hosted by invited DJ.
Besides having beers and preparing for the new year countdown, the audiences will have the chance to experience the “disc-scratch” skills and techniques of the invited DJ, together with the special stage effects, which will furtherbringing the audiences “live” to the fantasy world of musical entertainment!
In addition, other stage entertainments like hot dance, street dance and live band will push the countdown environment into climax. The audiences can also dance and rock at the specially created “Rock & Dance Area”, whichlocated in front of the stage, and blend into the atmosphere of new year countdown!

ticket price @ 50 nett

yea.. so those who are interested, kindly contact me to get the tickets. yesh, i have them with me. i'm now selling tickets too besides doing graphic work XD

so people, esp Kuching people, must support Kuching's big event ah~ waiting for you guys to call XD my number is 016-5768699, and i do not entertain prank calls or spams.

thank you very much for your attention :)


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