Laksa!!!! and a Happy Birthday to my Papa!!!

ok. so my PC woke up from its 'death' after i put it into its 'coffin' for 2 days. i guess it learned its lesson XD

still. i have to repair it somehow.

speaking of repairing, does anyone know ANYONE that knows how to fix an cellphone? O.O''' i dropped my cellphone last week and i think the chip in the top part of my sliding cellphone got 'knocked out' a bit, which resulted in the malfunction of the inner speaker... grr.. i can still answer phone calls, just that i have to use the loudspeaker every time. =_='''

anyways, since i am just tooo lazy to continue blog about the AFA 08' ... i am so sorry, but i just couldn't help it. i guess the mood to show off my haul from the trip has gone XD aaaand~ to respect MAY'N orders, i 'm not going to upload the video i filmed during her concert up to any websites. you can find them in Youtube anyway, uploaded by other people. well.. the truth is.. i'm just too lazy larrrr~~ T___T

ok ok. dont want to say no la. here's one pic of MAY'N performing on stage :P and i'll blog abit about it la

oh great, why didnt i own a zoom lens??!! yosh, my next year's target -- i shall get myself a zoom lens!

right. so MAY'N performance was AWESOME! this is her first live concert ever, and which happens to be in Singapore, not in her country. that's why she said that this concert was very special to her and she wished no one will record it and upload it in lets say.. Youtube :P but i recorded it anyway.. oops.

she sang 7 songs in a row - 'Welcome to My Fan Club's Night' , 'What Bout My Star?', 'Iteza- Gogo Kuji Don't Be Late', 'Diamond Crevasse', 'Yousei', 'Infinity', and 'Northen Cross'. which she finished siging everthing in about an hour. still. it's worth it. she's truly a talented singer. i mean, she didnt rest for a drink or anything, but continue to sing all those songs @.@ i salute her!

ok. what did i get from the AFA08'. erm.. i took lots of cosplayers photos.. i bought a Moyashimon plushie Christmas edition for my sis (it's rare for my sis to like a bacteria from the anime Moyashimon...lol!), a chibi GundamOO, which i just essembled yesterday, and erm.. a small weird + cool rabbit figurine, and a cat cap.. or sth like tat, which people will wear during winter.. only its shaped of a cat. cant really describe, will post a pic of it soon. since i'm gona wear it for the Ichigo Night anyway XD

anyway. so this whole day i was out there in town looking for part time job. well.. not really whole day. just the afternoon only. my mum drove me to a graphic design company which owns by her friend's son. and when i arrived there, i was surprised that the other designers there know me oledy b4 i even told them my name. and they turn out to be my sis's classmates in LIMKOKWING foundation year a long time ago, and they met me b4... Kuching is small.... =_='' so yeah.. i left my portfolio there.. their big boss wasn;t around... and they promised to give me a call for an interview next week. yay~! :D hope i can get it!

so, till then~!

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