i love Kuching


oh my lovely corner of the room~~

finally. i know some of you are waiting for it for a some time oledy.

my animation trailer. lol~! i assume that you all already know the story? even if you don't know, it's ok. coz we aren't suppose to tell the people of teh story beforehand. it's the trailer. it's been made for anticipation and giving out a bit of the story just to attract the audience.

and this animation took me probably a 3 or 4 weeks of time, if i combine all the hours together, from the very beginning to the end, to complete. dayem... it had sucked off all of my energy and worse, my soul.. i was a zombie during those weeks. anyway. enjoy the animation. and please don't flame me with teh crappy flash animation coz i don't have Quicktime that let me convert everything into layers inside Photoshop so i could colour it. no. i did everything in Adobe Flash o.O''' omg... and i actually COMPLETED with my half dead computer!!!! *eiChi stands straight and salute her 4 years old PC*

another video.

this time it's the final for the Cinema Language class. we had to do a video poem. we had to say out loud the poem and record it. we had to take most of the pictures ourselves, aaand we have to write our own poem (although most of my classmates just took the poem online anyway). i don wana say the poem out loud. it feels so weird hearing yourself saying something with the emo-ness essence in it. eeew. so i decided to sing instread. so yeah....... the pitch of the song was abit low for my voice. it's Eason Chan's song what. i just edited 80% of the lyrics.

so yeah. again. hope you'll enjoy it. it's 'Buatan Malaysia', as my sis calles it.

another video to share!

hohohohohoho~! i'm posting this everywhere i could. coz i really love this song and surprisingly i sing it kinda well (although this song really did take me quite a while to handle it) so sorry la, i'm not showing off. just wana share it among friends :)

right. so yesterday was the Chibi Con. went there, took photos. played basketball. fooled around. yea.. =_=

da cosplayers~ oh ya, a bunch of Brennan's friends from KL come to Kuching for hols. Robin, Stef, Nigel, Yvonne, and Amanda. and they cosplayed too :)

omg~ i'm so lazy to post up photos these days o.o'''
arrrgh~!!!! well.. it;s nothing much anyway.

last night didnt went for the Ichigo dinner. coz no transportation at the last minute. lol. and i didnt went to send Yvonne off also. *sobs* she's leaving for Canada on the 16th. and she have to get back to KL to pack her stuff. Yvonne's gona be studying there starting next year, taking Game design..... oh Yvonne, why do u have to leave us T___________T~ gona miss the pikachu so much!

Yvonne a.k.a pikachu!

this photo was taken when we all went to Pasir Pandak the other day. again, so sorry coz i m just too lazy to edit or upload photos. XD *gasp* the lazy bug strikes again!!! o.O'''

signing off~


neilwasabi said...

KOLO MEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!(>0<)

eiChi said...

need me tapao for you? XD