Christmas Balls

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i am blogging, watching Skip Beat on Youtube, and chatting at the same time. wow.

first thing first. i'd just been to Chuck's blog and was surprised to find that there's only 17 days left for Christmas!!! O.O''

i really love this festive season (other then CNY) coz somehow, everywhere you go, there would be Christrmas deco and songs to be heard, which make me very warm inside and happy :D

went out with the gang again just now. Intel, Ajay, Brennan and his gang. to a place called Jade Tea House.. or sth lidat.. cant remember. and damn them for telling ghost stories for almost an hour b4 we left. and tat was around 11.30pm oledy. i had to call my dad to wait for me to go home, coz he would usu left the door keys outside somewhere and go to sleep first if i go home late. lol.... and i'm really glad tat my dad actually waited for me! aww~ i love my daddy~

more outings for me this week i guess. gona go for a movie with Hil-chan, then a photoshoot outing on Wednesday, for the whole day~, and i'm waiting for another outing from my secondary school friends.

anyway, the point of my post today is.. i'm gona make a Christmas wishlist to Santa. XD no, i'm not saying tat i must have those stuff listed on the list. i mean, some of them are just plain for fun XD not tat real....partially yeah....i just wana write one for fun. who knows that Santa reads blogs and happen to come to mine. LOL

yeah right...

so here it goes.

Dear Santa,

*ehem* i know you are busy reading thousand of wish lists from all over the world, but like i've mentioned just now, if you happen to go on to the internet and read KennySia or XiaXue or any other popular blogs out there, do come to my humble blog as well coz i got a list of my Christmas wish for you too. Nyahohohoho~!

1. a Nintendo DS
what? it's the only portable gaming device that i can play. i cant have a PSP cos it doesnt have a touch screen, while DS has it and got the pen to let me play TAIKO with. hohoho~! there are less buttons on DS and i managed to play Mario Go Kart with it! (i know its no big deal for some of you guys, but hey, i can play it with my left hand!!) oh ya, if u wana scold me for having such greedy wish, go blame my Curry-senpai for poisoning me with it XD lol!!! p/s: Curry-senpai, pls dont be mad at me XD

2. a Zoom/Macro lens
it costs about a thousand bucks for either one. so if Santa would be kind enough to get me one. muahahaha~! i promise i'll shoot you every time i see you on teh streets.. on the TV.. anywhere~! even your poster from far away, as i could zoom in with the zoom lens you give me!

3. a Macintosh
you read my blog. you know how old my PC is. it needs to retire. it can't take all the harsh workloads anymore. oh my poor pc. and it has fainted so many times tat i lost the count. so.. yeah.. Santa, a Mac would be good to be my PC's successor. XD

4. a real life Natsume
i LOLed at my own wish. if you able to find one. please kidnap him and bring him to me. thank you very much. yesh. i'm serious.

5. a british style room which is full of books
surprisingly, i love stories. and i love to read them. books are getting more expensive nowadays that i just don't know which book is worth the money. so just gime one room filled with books so i could just read them slowly, taking my time to enjoy it.

6. a money making machine.
probably i should ask from Doraemon instead, not Santa.....

7. ... ....

ok.. couldnt think of anything else to list. ZOMG~! am i that humble?!! only 6?? XD i used to be a very greedy person. guess i've matured and started to appreciated all things i own right now. waseh... XD wait. the wish list doesnt necessary need to be for me only right? right.... so here goes number 7 and the rest.

7. a comfortable and homely house for my family.
=D they deserve it. WE deserve it. i know its the matter of time before we can achieve this ourselves, but again, if Santa, you are kind enough, we would really appreciate it :)

8. more interior designers to work for my sis
theres' only a few designers in her office, and she's handling most of the jobs herself. she has to rest. she needs effective designers there to help her. Santa~ send out your elves to search for designers for my sistar~!

9. err.. a Kagebunshin jutsu for me?
so i could to KL study and accompany my mum at home a the same time XD

10. a healthy life for my papa
he's getting fatter. period. =_=

okies. i'm such a good daughter and sister xD right? Santa, are you touched by my kind wishes? :P anyways, hope you'd take it seriously and make them all come true~ Nyahohohohoohoho~

from a naughty kiddo,

... .. ...

bah. again, i stress that not to take my list seriously as i was just doing it.. just for the sake that everyone is doing it now. XD

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