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so... changed my header to a Christmas theme one, as you've noticed. just a quick editing to my original header :P cute? izit cute??

went out with Gary a.k.a Intel a.k.a Curry-senpai , Wingle, Lance and Genethai for a photography outing aorund the city center yesterday. we started to walk from our beloved Sarawak Museum, to India Street, thn to the abandoned wet market, to waterfront, to Tun Jugah area, thn to Carpenter Street, followed by Court House, thn Open Air.. last stop, Waterfront again. lol it's amazing that my legs didn't feel wobbly at all during the whole trip XD

it's been a long while since i last walk around town like that, snapping photos of random things. it does feel good, especially when i;m together with my pals who love photography too. coz they won't mind at all to stop and wait for you to finish shooting what you want, or snicker at the things you shoot.

i feel sad for the wet market. i really do. it saddens me just at the sight of all those abandoned buildings. it's not just one, but 4 or 5 of them. locals used to have business there, and it used to be the busiest place in town.and now? nothing.. only wreckage and debris all around the place. the whole lively atmosphere is gone. .. what? does the government really think that expanding the length of the Waterfront is really worth it? i really don't see the point of having another extra space for those ppl to lepak and make crimes.

anyways, happy note :D dad just called and says will bring me and mum to the Doulos Ship tonight!! yay!!!in case you have no idea what is it, here's the link.

my daddy said that he used to bring me there before, the last time the ship came to Kuching. i have a vague memory on it... or rather, i replied to my dad tat i got a feeling tat i'd been on it before. lol. so, tonight~ gona go and visit it again :D probably i can get some cheap books too :P

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