Counting Down

sorry for the exasperated post earlier. i just need to release my fumes somehow.. ehehehe...

anyways, IT'S THE LAST DAY OF 2008!!!!! =D

shock to see my new banner? i wanted to do sth new but got lazy (again!) so i just went to photofunia.com and had fun with my photos... thn decided to use one of them. so tada~~!!! here you go :P a very random but 'artistic' banner. LOL!!! sorry my pink rabbit, you have to go for now XD

i've seen my sister had listed down her list of 2008's doings. which i was thinking to write a few days back and she beat me to it first. lol. doesn't matter, let me just move on with mine :D

so.. 2008. it's been so many ups and downs. no doubt i've learned and grown from all the experiences. life is to be experienced so we could enjoy and appreciate every moment of it. here is the list of things that i'd done in these 12 months of 2008.

1. went Bangkok with my sis and her bf + his family (my sis n BK koko might as well get married =_= ) the trip was just awesome as it was my first time stepping out of Malaysia into another country which language i only understand 'sawadeeka~' haha~! no. Singapore doesnt count, coz it still feels like home over there XD i really wana thank my sis for giving me the chance to travel elsewhere, to Bangkok, and experienced the culture there.

2. i got to ride on an elephant~!!! :D with my sis! at Bangkok!!! it was a damn bumpy ride. me and my sis had to hold on for dear life as the elephant (damn.. i forgot her name) kept on 'bending' down to eat random grass! lol....

3. it was my first time to see LOTS of gays and ah kuas in just one day!!! ok. again.. it was at Bangkok, and i have nothing agaisnt them. just that, you know teh feeling of shock? yea, that's it. just.. shock O.o'''

4. finally got the chance to visit the wet market of Bangkok. i rode on a modern sampanish boat! :D

5. ok. enough about Bangkok. lets move on to others. right. so i had to leave my papa and mama behind this year, to start my first year degree at Cyberjaya LKW. i cried. I CRIED T___T and it's my first time living with friends ~ although it didnt turn out quite well, but we all too, shared funs and laughters :) those memories will always be with me.

6. i drank Vodka for the first time. thn Vodka + red wine. no. i still don't know what my limit is. and i dont wana know. i just like the feeling of drinking it, that's all XD but one thing's for sure, I LOVE RED WINE!!! it's healthy too :P

7. didn't sleep at all for like.. 3 days? or 4? cant remember. still, it's my first time, just for the sake of animation *shudders*

8. went out yamcha with friends in the middle of the night. i never get this in Kuching XD

9. i played the 'Space Shot'!!! at Genting!!! wOot!!! and I LOVE IT!! mahahaha~! it's not scary at all! my mum was like shrieking at the other side of the phone when i told her i played that. hehe..,

10. oh ya.. it's my first time to enter the Genting Theme Park too.. =_='' yeah.... so lucky of me...

11. erm... did my first animation? lol~ even though it;s a nightmare, but its worth it. at least now i know, i can do it too!!!

12. failed to get a boyfriend.. izit my target too high or that i'm too difficult for them? lol! i guess both XD

13. oh~! i sing and record and upload my songs to Youtube! and people starts subscribing me!! ahahahahaha~!!! it's happy to know that people actually support my singing, even though some of them aren't so good XD my sis says it's my new found hobby.. well.. i think so too. hehe.

14. i;ve been to so many fancy restaurants, so i could enjoy all those delicacies, thanks to my sister and BK koko :D the most memorable one was the Spain restaurant that serves nothing but pork. lol! and met alot of interesting big kokos. XD and thn there's one event which my sis brought me along. an event specially held to award all those successful businessman/woman/just business in Malaysia. saw Amber Chia in person.

15. hey! who cares about Amber Chia?! how could i forget??!!! I'VE BEEN TO JAY CHOU'S CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dreamy eyes*.... it was friggin superb! ok? so superb until it still felt unreal to me after the concert was finished. because its like.. we usually see him or the concert on TV, but then i was there, THERE! AT THE CONCERT!!! O.o''' i remember me and ah mei was so excited that we bought his merchandise. haha! again, thanks to my sis for bringing me there! :D

16. had my first photoshoot in the studio. although it was just a prompt idea, and i was wearing sth that i wish i didnt wear, but the photos turn out to be my favourites XD hohohoho~! it's like the photos could be published on magazines~ Malaysia Next Top Model? :D

17. first time to prepare dinner with friends, and invited my classmates over to eat too. i still remember that day. it just happened we had more meat to cook, so me and Fion just invited Dylan and Kee Ming to come over and finish it off. lol!

18. my choice of music has somehow change. now i like indie songs. indie songs from Britain and Asia. no. it's not Indian song la. it's just a name for a music genre. the best example is The Ting Tings. and this time i must thank Mei Yee (Amane) for introducing all those superb songs and artists to me, particularly Casker :D

19. Ah Mei came to KL to work. just like my sis had mentioned in her blog, all cousins arrived in KL!!! XD and it's just like the old times where the 4 of us (me, sis, ah ching and ah mei) hang out together at either The Curve or Ikea or One U.

20. i went swimming. and i found out i can float!!! for a bit nia la. but it means alot to me! that means, i can swim if i 'practise' more!! lol!

21. oh, almost forgot again. I WENT PULAU REDANG!!!!!!!! =D =D =D =D it was my 19th birthday present from my sis. *hugs sister tightly* arigatou gozaimassu!!! and OMG! I WENT SNORKELLING!!!!! O.O''' the experience was both scary and exciting at the same time. because, i cant swim. and i'm afraid of fish. i panic during my first round down in the water and i somehow lost control. i was struggling there.. (oh my.. thinking back, it was so embarrassing =_=''') until the lifeguard came to 'rescue' me XD but after i calm down, the friendly and kind lifeguard brought me along with him to snorkel, and showed me Nemo XD hehe...

22. and the lifeguardsss told us real ghost stories that happened there in the middle of night. and to calm us down, they brought us to see the 'legendary' blue sand! XD which is in fact just a plankton. or they call it 'pasir biru' XD

23. and i had my birthday celebrated there on the island, with the DJ playing the birthday song for me XD and with the other tourists sing along for me. it was.. touching *sobs* *glomps whoever that went together*

24. i managed to sleep without my smelly pillow. i need no more smelly pillow liaw~!!! XD

25. first time to sell my art works during Comic Fiesta. though i wasnt there, but the news that all my prints were sold out was somehow very pleasing to me XD who doesn't?!

26. i guess this would be the most daring and reckless decision i have ever made this year. that is, going to Singapore without any company of my family. just to catch the AFA event. it took me a long time to finally persuade my mum to let me go. this trip has opened up my mind alot, giving me lots of knowledge and experiences. travel around in unknown city with friends is different from tarvelling with your parents. with parents one would rely on them too much. when i traveled around the city with Faye and her *ahem* , i tried my best to memorise every path we'd taken and the scene that i had seen. i had to depend on myself when i was there. still, i gotta thank Faye's friend for guiding me at first :)

27. met San Yi (my 3rd aunt) at Singapore and had a great lunch with her :) she's coming back for CNY~! yay~! along with my Siao Yi!

28. my first time to join such a big anime convention. and saw May'N live!!! O.O''' really, i was like a sakai when i was there during the convention. couldnt help it. lol....

29. first time coming back to Malaysia using MRT train.. alone. lol!!! that, again, was a great experience :) really. never try never know XD

30. went to Sunway Lagoon with my sis and Ah Mei on Raya. after... . 15 long years?! i couldnt remember anything from the old Sunway Lagoon aside from the mushroom umbrella/shower thing and a fake cute alligator in the pool. and WE ALL WENT ONTO THE PIRATE SHIP!!!! O.O''' freaky. great. omg! for me i think it's scarier thn Space Shot as it stopped for a few second when you are 360 turned on the air!!!!

31. i taught my fellow Akiyame members to dance...... lol... lol.. LOL!!!!! i still coudnlt believe that i choreographed the whole dance for them! lucky the show was for kids.. so as long as the kid likes it, so yeah.. XD and i heard it was a success. haha!!

32. i finally got myself a tablet this year!!!! :D and i always thought that having a tablet was just a dream. but now i finally got one!!! thank you, Kami-sama XD

33. first time.. to lost my voice for one whole morning. i was sick. and it was a freaky experience. i was desparate to talk again and i kept on drinking water O.O''' couldnt even ay a single word, or let out a sound!!! it did freak me out!!! O.O''

34. i learned how to play CounterStrike and SDO... and got hooked. LOL!

35. my 'Little MY' character design was chosen for the top 10 finalists!!! althought i didnt get the champion, but still i feel pleased with what i had achieved :)

36. i was a director + group leader for a month. O.o'' the experience was good, filming i mean n i got the chance to be a director for a short movie clip. but it was somehow chaotic. as it's the first time for all of us in the team. the task was really stressful, but we all mangaed to pull it off~! :D

37. i had the longest karaoke session with my pals!!! 6 hours!!!


there should be more. but i just couldnt think of any more of them now. and it's a looong list! O.O'''

ok. honestly i;m getting lazy to type. so to sum up my 2008 is.

a big bowl of Chocolate Curry (remember the dream i blog about? i duno why but this Chocolate Curry just stuck in my head ever since)

why Chocolate Curry? because everything seemed so unepexted and delightful at the same time. you never know what would happen next! just like the sudden dream of a chocolate curry!

and you ask me what do i think about the arriving year of 2009?

it's just another bowl of Chocolate Curry. Unexpected. but just eat it and swallow everything. it's harmless anyway XD

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