Happy 2009!!!

it's just another day with the sun shines brightly and my naughty little cousins just came over and messed up my room. lol! not that i'm complaining. in fact i'm happy to have them skipping around in my room. somehow i wish to be a child again, and the only thing i would be worrying about is whether i have enough toys or not.

New Year resolutions. everyone seems to be doin that. i was visiting others blogs earlier on. and to be honest, i feel kinda distanced from my secondary school mates already. just after 2 years, and everyone started to have their new university life which somehow doesn't involve me anymore. melancholy? maybe it's just me who didn't work hard in the past 2 years. people changes, i noticed. but how about me? the word 'maturity' doesnt seem to click with me XD

i envy those who write such meaningful post that could inspire people in their blog. my posts are just some random rubbish about my life. useful trash i guess. but that's just who i am. i couldnt bring myself to write some emotional posts that would probably give you knowledge of life. i can't. i realise i'm more of a entertainer. i want to entertain you all, with my happenings, my thoughts, my design, my art, even my voice.

so one of my New Year resolutions would be to continue who i am now, but become a better entertainer. a better entertainer for family, friends, lecturers, colleague, and my supporters. i wish for a happy life to everyone around me.

and besides having a good life (yea.. this is my sis's NY resolution. she beats me to it again XD) , i wish for a better relationship with my secondary school mates. not that i'm having a bad time with them. but i want us to be even closer, no matter where we are. and i'm glad to have a nice chat with Hou Kee last night on msn, and he was at Russia. it's been 2 years since we last meet each other. and i was thinking of callin up Ruth and decide a meeting place :P

actually there's still more. but resolution, it is just a plain statement. one may not be able to fullfill it, besides, the list may change. so for me, as long as i do the things i want to do throughout this 2009 and have no regrets, then it's a Happy 2009 for me :D

HAPPY 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALLL~!!! *GLOMPS*

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