A Portrait

Alice's Dreamland Series: 1, originally uploaded by tayeichi.

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歌手: Spangle call Lilli line
作詞: Kana Otsubo
作曲: Spangle call Lilli line

あの星の角には 窓越しの匂い
日に日に問うと ガラスの数
あの日に会うと 溶けそうな夕闇や雷の音 放っていく

Ano hoshi no kaku ni wa madogoshi no nioi
Hi ni hi ni tou to GLASS no kazu
Ano hi ni au to tokesou na yuuyami ya kaminari no oto hanatte iku


A Portrait. one of my favourite songs from Spangle Call Lilli Line, a Japanese Indie band. stumbled upon their album when i was looking for more Asia Indie songs to please my ears. and i fell in love with them instantly after i listened to their first song in this album, Purple.

it's as if their songs could bring me elsewhere. far from reality. venture into another world of fantasy and dreams. the rhythm, the beats, the magical yet dreamy vocals, it is soothing.

at times like this i would pour myself a cup of tea, or a cup of fresh juice. slowly sipping it. randomly pick up a book or a magazine from the shelf and start flipping through it lazily.

but not now. i have work to do. i'm taking freelance job other than the part time job i'm doin now. i really would like to enjoy myself tonight. to relax tonight. hang out with my friends tonight, or just watching TV with my parents.

i'd just done one job. going to finish the other one later. however, no matter how tedious it's going to be, i have my favourite songs playing alongside with me, calming and soothing my mind out, giving me inspirations on the way =)

i'm just so in love with independant music


neilwasabi said...

Walao! More jobs! So RAJIN! Haha, good to see you fill your life with meaningful stuffs!

Give me the link, so I can listen the music too!


eichi said...

link? i posted one of the song here oledy leh XD if u want more i'll give u when term starts la :P

ren said...

alice in the wonderland!!! u lovve them too eichi??? >_< if u do u would b happy to noe dat tim burton is doin alice in the wonderland movie wit johnny depp as the hat guy hehe...xD it will be out in 2010!!

eichi said...

Tim Burton??!!! nyaaaaa~~ Johny Depp??? omg~~~ *drools* he sure gona be the hottest mad hatter ever!!! XD wonder who will play Alice :P

ren said...

owh i did a post on this, use this link if u wana read on more bout alice&co =] i cant wait!!!!


Anonymous said...

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