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i come. i see. i touch. i think. i wonder. i play. i experience. i learn.


ok. i photoshopped out the many mosquitoes' 'love bites' on my legs. but hey~ the curves are original XD and that's my mum's shoes btw.

it has stopped raining. but the wind is still strong, scary at times. well, maybe this just means that we are going to have a clear blue sky on Chinese New Year =D

tomorrow will be my last day working as a part timer at DIMENSION. one month is over.

Empty Diamond Crevasse by yours truly. hope i didnt make your ears bleed. lawl


hana said...

You know....if I ever get to meet you again in the future....


I am so in love with your photography because trust me, I've been to many blogs and sometimes I have no idea why are they taking the pics they are taking cuz I don't get it.

But yours? They all seem like they speak. Like there is a deeper meaning behind and I like it.

eiChi said...

lol~! sure thing! maybe you can buy me air tics n let me fly over there to meet you :D wahahahahahaha. ok jk. :P

really glad that you think of my photography that way. it just gives me the will to shoot and improve more! n by the time we meet, i'm sure gona take really really REAL good photos of ya XD