was out the whole day with Wingle yesterday. lets just say we were both wedding photographer for a day =)

Wingle's friend's sister was the bride. At first she only asked Wingle to be the photographer, but for amateurs like us, we need a team. so Wingle asked me to shoot together with her and i agreed, even though we didn't get paid, because all we ever wanted is to get experience, and also more things to shoot! lol!

it was really tiring, the job of a wedding photographer. me and Wingle stayed overnight at her friend's house, slept at 3.30 am and woke up at 5 a.m, so we could photographed the bride's make up process. and then the groom arrived (duh XD) lazy to write the details. hehehe

i didnt own a flash, so most of the good and important indoor shots were taken by Wingle. i just tried my best to capture the best moment using just 10 to 20 shutter speed =_= really, we are both amateurs at wedding photography. sister, you better don't hire me when you get married. you'll regret. haha!

anyways. it's was hectic in the morning. both of us were just practically chasing the wedding couple around, even on the road! it was raining, and Wingle had to speed to catch up with the couple's car! lol! Wingle, i salute you! XD

we shot less during the wedding dinner, coz we were seated to enjoy the food too. but the karaoke session was pretty bad.. most of the uncles and aunty went up the stage to sing oldies.. as usual.. Kuching wedding dinner culture =_= but there's this one friend of the bride, wnet up the stage and start singing horrendously O.O''' i mean, completely. out. of . tune!!!!!!!! scary! hell!! i was shivering all over!!! couldnt even picked up the chopstick to grab my favourite butter prawn!!!! i was trying so hard to be patient!!! and you know what? that girl sang twice on stage!!! imagine the moment of hell... o.O'' my patience almost snapped and i would probably run up the stage and snatch the mic away from her =_=''' i almost did, when her song suddenly ended and the last dish of the dinner was served. that was pretty close o.o'''

ok.. if you all are wondering where are the photos i took. i may have to ask the friend first whether it's ok for me to upload or not. coz some ppl are sensitive you know.. they don't like their faces to be published online without them knowing.

so. wedding bells first! =D


neilwasabi said...

Lol, my DSLR is collecting dust now...... Can't think of a way to benefit it......

Every time I brought it out to city center, people thought I'm sort of like a magazine of newspaper people and looked at me and my tool with strange sight. Me rarely use my DSLR now...... My poor NauNau MK-II......


hana said...

at first i thought it was christmas bells lol.

when would people stop the karaoke thing really, how can they let tone deaf people who sound like a dying cow ruin their beautiful day D: next time jab her with your chopsticks wtf.

oh and BUTTER PRAWNS!!!! <3333 Miss it =d

eiChi said...

@nigel: O.O'' you named ur DSLR NauNau? lol! take anything tat interest you la :P

@hana: lol! looks like one :P and the karaoke thing.. aduh.. really headache la.. i dont mind old ppl singing oldies.. i got immune to it oledy. but tone deaf .. omg~ @.@